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80 series bumper

karl webster

Well-Known Member
May 20, 2010
80 series bumper



Comes with no paint or coating.

Please pm me if any more info is needed.

I don't need one Karl, but that looks a good option for someone who doesn't want a so-called 'bull-bar'.

Certainly a good price for someone wanting a less conspicuous winch mount.:thumbup:
Hi Karl
Could be interested in this if it's still available at the right price
I have one Rodger yes. Also got a prototype new one that's nearly ready.
Price is above mate thanks
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Thanks for the reply Karl I Will be in touch after Christmas
Have been considering going from auto to manual on my 80, what are the parts likely to cost me?
Not cheap mate but if your auto box is good you can obviously get some of the cost back.
Take this to pm if you like.
Can you copy me in on that email please Karl. Ta. More out of curiosity at the minute plus I like to see good workmanship and design and I know I'll see both in your pics. :)
Hi Karl.
I spoke with Trevor at freedom4x4 earlier today and he suggested I join this forum and get in touch with you. Im just getting to grips with it and wasn't sure of the best way to message so I just tagged it on here. I have a 94 80 and am looking to rebuild the axles. He said you were the man to speak to about parts, specifically CV joints. Im an enthusiast but very much a novice, any help would be greatly appreciated

Many thanks
Hi tom.
Feel free to drop me a pm.
I'm sure you will find lots of useful info on here.
If you ever need any help I'm always on the other end of the phone ( most of the time anyway )
Great, I need to get home and start playing with my cruiser...


Are you still offering these front bumpers, or the prototype that was previously mentioned?