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80 Series rattle noise


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Jul 26, 2022
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Gday everyone,
I have an 1fzfe 1995 80 series which had a little noise from the engine but thought it was just a typical 80 series engine noise. Took it out 4wding Saturday night and having in Low range you could hear the noise more and it was like a rattle noise and felt like it lost a little bit of power going up hills. It would only make the noise in certain revs and gears. It started to lose oil pressure every now and then & we would stop and check it and it was full. The noise then went squeaky. We were heading home and had to go up a hill, we lost all power, oil pressure and there was a loud rattle noises like there was something hitting the inside of the engine, like something was loose. The car stalled and it wouldn't start again. Checked it in the morning and the oil was still full and it would start but the noise coming from the engine was horrible. Anyone had anything similar happen? It also didn't get hot at all. Some of my mates are saying bottom end but it's not a knock noise, just a really bad rattle.
Open the valve cover and check if the camshaft still turns when you crank the engine.
Apart from losing oil pressure, I had the same experience with my audi.
Turned out to be the camshaft belt pulley which started to have some play and then some more play and then it didn't turn at all. So the camshaft stopped and the pistons were hitting the valves, which eventually broke the camshaft.