80 series things for sale



Hi gals and guys
Am selling a few things as I=92m moving house and wanting to live =91minimalist=92
I=92ve got far too much stuff for my own good, and have some l=92beast bits for
sale too.
First up:
2 x new [never used] heavy-duty bottle jacks (=A330 each or both for =A350)
1 x filter =96 Milner sold me the wrong one, probably suitable for either a 75
or one of the =91other=92 80 series beasts (=A37)
1 x Trackman tyre inflator (powered from ciggy lighter) (=A340)
1 x heavy box of assorted nuts and bolts (=A370 all in including the box
they=92re in)
1 x spare tyre All-terrain General Tyre, 15=94 rim (=A330)
1 x brand new [never used] front coils (=A370 a pair)
1 x brand new [never used] rear coils (=A370 a pair). Bought from
AutoJapSpares =96 wrong ones sent, even though they were badged as the right
Several [about 5 or 6] ratchet tie-downs =A35 each
Any of you ELCO peeps who are interested, ring ma mobile: 07913 472728
If no takers they=92ll be on Ebay soon enough.
Cheers ma=92dears
Enjoy ya weekend