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80 series timing hdt-1


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Jan 9, 2022
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Hi all I was hoping I could get some assistance please,
I have a 80 series with a 1-hdt engine.

If you see my pic it shows the injector pump gear lining up with the 2 paint marks,
the injector pump has been reconditioned and set, to be installed. I have installed that.
I have fitted the timing belt with the cam pulley at BDC and the injector pulley at BDC.
My problem is the engine wont turn over fully by hand.

I removed the injector from cylinder 1 and removed the timing belt.
Turning the engine slowly by hand and the camshaft at the same time I got no 1 piston fully down
and made my own mark on the engine and called that BDC and put the cam pulley at BDC.
and put the belt on. I could turn the engine over by hand freely.

I tried to start the engine no bangs but doesn't want to start.

Does anybody have any ideas please, I would really appreciate them.


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