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I have put in front Assin lockable hubs on mine (via Robbie :)
On long trips (or leave them on when not wheeling and weather not snowing)
I'll drop the front-driveshaft, lock my CDL, out front hubs to free wheel
and drive. It takes about 10 mins and easy enough to do.
I would suspect I gain 2-4mph on long highway trips. I'll double check on my
petrol receipts and let u know if u're interested.
U will probably save the same by driving without a lead foot and keeping
below 2K revs (4.5L petrol 1996 engine) i.e. 65mpg.
Lal in Colorado with 96 USA 4.5L FZJ80
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Hi Julien
The Guys in the the states claim 15 - 20 % lower fuel consumption. I have
written to a friend in Oz who has done the mod just to find out whether it
pays or not.b
Will let you know - anybody here who has experience with the 2 WD
Slee has something on his page
Regards Mike