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80 [tech] [weight on roof]



On 4/14/05, john byrne <[Email address removed]> wrote:
According to your user manual, roofrack weight should not exceed 75kg.
As for the springs, see the earlier threads.
Roman (London, UK)
'92 HDJ80
On 14/4/05 19:03, "Roman" <[Email address removed]> wrote:
Interesting this Roman, as a spare tyre, ie BFG AT for example must weigh
something like 35kilos, a 10 litre jerry will be 10 kilos... So soon adds
Racks are best avoided for heavy weight I know, but 75 kilos is not much at
all. Any idea how much you put on yours for an overland trip?
Jeremy Llewellyn-Jones
Hi Guys
I am wondering some thing here. 75 kg is something like 8 and a half stone,
thats only the weight of a teenager. Yet the bars are able to hold 100kg and
I would say thats well within their actual weight max. So if a wheel and
tyre weights about 33 kg then you could only carry two wheels and nothing
else, seems strange that.
John C
92 HDJ 80 1HDT Ireland
On 4/14/05, Jeremy Llewellyn-Jones <[Email address removed]> wrote:
Possibly less than 75k: two extra water cans (2x20kg), butane gas
bottle (7.5kg) plus four boxes with very light items, like bedding,
clothes, etc.
The spare wheels are at the rear bumber, 80 litres of water in the
footwell behind the front seat and 300 litres of fuel under the floor.
All other heavy items and the fridge - at the back.
Roman (London, UK)
'92 HDJ80
On 4/14/05, john byrne <[Email address removed]> wrote:
It doesn't mater how much your bars can hold. The two main
considerations are: 1) how they are mounted to the vehicle (gutters -
how many supports; rollcage, etc.) 2) how will the load affect the
driving characteristics. The Toyota roofrack may be light and hence
the manufacturer sets the limit at 75kg. You can build a more sturdy
roofrack, but if you overload the gutters, you will soon have no
roofrack (and some welding to be done on the roof posts).
As for 2), too much weight up there and you will soon find out that
every roundabout is a new adventure.
I know that the guys who travel across the Western Desert (Egypt) in
HZJ78's carry on the roofracks 300kg (or more) of fuel, but they pick
the route in such a way they they only drive on flat ground and don't
take sharp turns.
Roman (London, UK)
'92 HDJ80
Hi Roman
A ha very interesting indeed. So the heavier the goods on the roof rack the
more unstable the cruiser is. So all the heavy stuff in the back should be
ok. Im not messing when I say our roads are crap with more bends than a
roundabout. We are getting some where. Next thing I have to do is measure
how many wheels /tyres I can fit in the rear. Also if you put too much
weight on the gutters they will break and you could also crack the pillers.
Geese I wonder what would happen if you turned over and all the weight of
the cruiser was on the roof, pancake time I think and without the jam or
John C
92HDJ 80 1HDT Ireland
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