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9"+ floating screen in 100 series


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Jan 14, 2019
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As per title, looking to update the on board tape deck. Has anyone dropped in either a single din or double din unit with a 9"+ halo/floating screen.

Particularly fouling controls or dash shape.

Not after a tesla style dash remodel. Something like this.

It's it really worth it these days ?

I have been meaning to look at just an android tablet with a PAYG SIM card. I suspect on your 100hd a Bluetooth OBD will also get you some car data ( nothing like that on the 105hz ).
I have a tablet that I use to support navigation, POI investigation and children entertainment.

I want something as a back up nav, mirror my phone to find that illusive late night camp spot, with an adjustable screen to help with glare, that will belt out the JedWoods hits (silence is bliss )

Haven't looked into ODB info but as my 100 is the older interface i might struggle.
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I have a 10" Teyes unit installed. Got to remember that if you have a later LC100 you need so.dtbing that still allows control if the A/C - climate control stuff... other than the multi-step climate control stuff it works well, runs Android 10 happily, integrates with its own SIM card, has a couple of USB ports for things like TPM or DAB+ devices etc.
Thanks. Will have a look at them. Not decided on a model yet.
So I went with a 10.1inch Eonon unit which seemed to have great reviews. So far so good.
For £20 I might see how good the OBD reader, is even though its a 2001 and £40 for the DAB+ module.
Anyone know of an mOBD2 Bluetooth unit with no password?


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Most shops sell bigger units with a cover as well that matches with the vehicle model