a few things on my mind



Hi Guys
Geese its a cold one here today. I have as usual had a few questions going
around in my head from getting more information and need to get rid of them.
Recently I changed over to fully synth for the engine and am leaking a
little from the sump gasket I think but not too bad. How hard is it to
change the gasket on the sump, is it paper or a cement.
When started in the morning the oil pressure seems normal as it always was
but once it heats up the pressure drops to vertually nothing at all. It will
only go to the first mark on the dial at say 80kph. Just wondering is this
because the synth is a lot thinner than the dino stuff.
Would I be correct in saying that coils or springs could come out of their
housings if the suspension was over extended if that is the case hoe do you
know what size axle straps to get and where would you attach them so they
dont fall off.
John C
92HDJ 80 1HDT rep of Ireland


On 2/18/06, John Byrne <[Email address removed]> wrote:
It's silicone sealant. You don't change it withot removing the sump.
Try slightly (I repeat - SLIGHTLY) tightening the bolts near the
leaking area. If you overdue it, you will have to helicoil the holes
in the block - not quite a DIY job.
That's normal as far as pressure drop is concerned. The hotter the
oil, the thinner it is, hence the pump creates less pressure. It's
hard to say if your pressure gauge is accurate enough. Normally it
isn't, but for the peace of mind you can take your lc to a garage to
have the pressure tested.
The straps are there not to protect the springs from falling off
(that's done by the bump stops inside the springs). You need extreme
articulation to make the springs pop out. Before that happens, the
shocks prevent the axle from travelling too far. Conclusion - the
straps are to prevent the shocks (from being overstretched), not the
Roman (London, UK)
'92 HDJ80


As a side effect, the straps also let you jack it up to change a
wheel, rather than the body just keep going up and the wheel staying
on the ground.
Regards, Clive.
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