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A journey into a 60-series ownership

I came across Hydro Chrome paint previously, I don't know if this is what you had in mind.

I agree i won't get the original finish back so I may have to investigate the spray on chrome route if I can't source decent replacement part at a sensible price.
That looks like it might be the stuff although the one I saw was in a tin and brushed on.
Satin black paint for plastic I used on mine with the appropriate primer. That was gosh 8 years ago and the grill still looks very well.

I feel shocked at how long ago it was!!! You're doing very well with your truck Nick!

Hi Iwan,

Just came across your resto thread on your 60-series. Looked liked a proper job and a good benchmark.

I am a bit of a magpie when it comes to brightwork, so the front end on my truck with eventually have to be chromed :)

been thinking of that engine myself, be interested to know how that goes! more or less decided though it's just easier to turbo what I have!!
Hi was wandering if you know if you can take the vac assist of the 12ht gearbox manual and use it with no problems on my 12ht motor in a 75series. It won't fit with the vacuum on the side of it, 5th has gone in my original so any ideas or knowledge would be unreal thanks Teneale