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A tired old girl needing some tlc


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May 8, 2023
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I’ve only recently joined the forum after lurking around for a while.
quite amazing the breadth and depth of knowledge that’s apparent here.

anyway to my request for knowledg.

I have a 1997 Prado with almost 300,000 kms on its 1kz motor.
I’ve noticed it for a while now, but it appears to be down on power.
it used to pull the boat uphill relatively easily, but now I’m having to give her the shoe and rev to 3.5k to keep at a sedate 85kph.

standard setup, with egr intact.
Serviced every 5000kms,
engine flush done very 10,000km
fitted a snorkel and 3.5inch stainless exhaust to help her breath.
I’ve noticed a wee bit of oil around the back of the intercooler.

I realise it’s tough to diagnose remote, but I’d be keen to hear from those in the know , where do I start looking to give the old girl her life back?

thanks in advance
I think you already know that the egr crap is choking it to death .
To be honest, I don’t have the technical knowledge to know very much.
I was wondering if the inlet was clogged up with what I have read here, but its No more than an complete amateurs stab in the dark
It's definitely where I would start - clean the EGR and then take it from there. At that mileage it needs doing anyway!
Gonna give it a go this weekend. What’s the best method to remove all the crap inside the inlets on the engine itself, without getting material dropping inside the engine?
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Remove the egr valve, throttle body and possibly inlet manifold depending on severity, and clean any black sticky s**t away from the engine.
When cleaning the intake part of the head on my Rav4 I also had a shop vacuum nozzle against the side of the intake port i was gently scraping so the junk got pulled out and away. meant i could slowly get a lot of the junk out of the head.