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ABS pickup?


May 23, 2021
How and what does the ABS pickup on? I noticed when I had my driveshaft out there was a small nick in the seal near where the ABS sensor is but I would like to know what the sensor picks up on as I can't see anything. My ABS is still kicking in mid corner on random corners still. I swapped the bearing hub to one without a nick in it thinking that would cure my ABS problem. I will hopefully be getting someone to look at it next week.
I can't see any type of castellated wheel not sure if it maybe on the bearing. Does anyone actually know ?
No reluctor ring in site on or near the shaft but I did fear you were going to say it is part of the bearing. I thought I had had a breakthrough with finding the small nic in the seal as the ABS sensor is right next to it. I am still struggling to sort the problem, my mate is going to have a look at it soon. Maybe it is just a 120 being a 120 and not use to the Manx roads...
I doubt its Manx roads because my brother owned and drove a 120 and the last special edition lancer evo on alternative days , he's not speed shy .
I know where you are coming from Shayne, I'm between two minds to get myself a new machine or keep the L/Cruiser. I'm toying with part exing the L/cruiser and getting a Yaris GR.. That would solve the problem.. :grinning:
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Westcoast off road is not far from Liverpool i think , if you could book it in then i'd expect it to be a day trip .
I'm sure you have searched the web for abs answers so on a whim i searched for traction control reset instead and came up with this though i can't hear it because there are females in the house having long distance conversations despite being at most 3ft apart :icon-rolleyes:

You are funny Shayne, why do they do that in close proximity? That dude had ABS Traction control lights on and was only a fuse I wish I was that lucky. Mine has no faults when I plug the scanner in, it did but that was the old abs sensor which was replaced. It to me feels like the L/cruiser thinks it is spinning a wheel but at 40mph. Some nob on a bike with a side car yesterday decided to cut the corner going up the sloc near the picnic area and I was just going into the corner and the traction control/abs kicked in due to the corner and not me braking which worried me for a second. Some bikers have a death wish, would you cut the corner on a blind bend on unfamiliar roads? mental.
I might give West coast a call and see if they have any ideas, I don't love my L/cruiser enough to go across as that would be pretty extreme for me. :tearsofjoy:
As i said i couldn't hear the vid and in truth just skipped through it but what I meant was to change tack . I've no interest in all the "smart" digital stuff , I reckon a smart parachute would self deploy when your descending at 120mph which is great until you hit the ground at 90mph .

I would assume though that this junk is set to tell you when there is a problem and yet its telling your there isn't one .

Sounds like the computer is doing what its supposed to do when it shouldn't . Can you somehow do a factory reset ?
You're a star Shayne for 2 reasons.
1. I think that link info looks promising, I gave it a good read and lots of other forums seamed to have links to it too.
2. I don't have to think about Yaris GR's anymore, well for now anyway. I'm trying to convince myself I need a rugged off roader still.
This looks about perfect for an Island only car makes the most of the the TT course which is resurfaced daily and all the other roads last maintained by the Vikings :lol:

We are in danger of covering old ground here because the same problem has more than one thread i think , but rear wheel steer caused by worn panhard rod and trailing arm bushes which passed every inspection is the only thing that brought my 90 series handling into question .

Obviously the 90 series is a better car for us cavemen so there was no lights or anything just an unnerving sense of lost balance while cornering at high speed . Uneven tyre wear eventually helped me work out what was going wrong .

3 different alignment garages never noticed the rear axle wasn't running true .
Stop it Shayne!! trying to tempt me with a V8 Land cruiser. A family friend in Oz use to do the conversions back in the early 90's in Land cruisers and Patrols.
Yes Karl all tracking ect done a while ago now, I have all new bushes, links, top mounts, springs, dampers, they were out of kitchen sinks but pretty much everything is new.
I did originally post this as Hard cornering freaked me right out but I did not get the answer I needed, but I think we are on the right track. Hopefully it will be a 5 minute job but I have a beast to get ready for the road and have to finish putting it back together and modified insurance stuff to sort before the end of the month so the Land cruiser will be squeezed in when my brain can relax a minute.