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Advice about half shaft



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Behalf Of toyj80
Why didn't your man try some SKF Speedi-Sleeves? In fact he still can.
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Linslade Beds/ Iskele Cyprus
If using these, be sure to fill the void in the original part with some
liquid metal or similar, or when the speedy
Sleeve wears through, it wont just leak, but will tear the seal apart on
axle seals etc.
Darren McRae
Drysdale, Victoria, Australia.
95 FZJ-80 supercharged on 37"s SLEE front and rear bar/carrier 2wd/4wd
conversion auto mods
25% reduction low range gears Slinky Long Travel Suspension set up, 3" lift,
12" stroke shocks,
270lt fuel, snorkel, 4.56 diff gears, HID lights, 60lt Engel, winch, Set up
for touring the
remote areas of our wide brown land.