Advice on Import Duty

Derek J

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May 8, 2010
Belfast NI
Ok I have spent two years looking for my baby. It has got to the stage that my wife begs me to have an affair or take up golf, anything except 60 series Landcruisers.

I have two winches, spotlights, an Engel fridge (75 quid off Gumtree chuffed with that) and so much more stuff that I actually cannot remember buying some of it.

All I need is one small thing, a flippin Land cruiser to put it on.

I bought one unseen which to be honest to the seller was exactly as he described. I just did not choose to listen. :oops: It is a good base it just needs more time than I have at the moment to give it.

So not wanting to make it too easy for myself I have found one in Devon, only problem is it is not registered here yet. It was brought back from South Africa and put into storage for a little while.

So having done a bit of research I realise that import duty is due on it. Does anyone know how HMRandC works out the value of the vehicle. The seller cannot provide any invoices from when he bought it in SA.

I assume the duty due will be 10% of value with vat on top of everything. I wonder if the age will make any difference to the values.

I cannot get a sensible answer off HM minions because I assume they do not know.

I am hoping that as most of the forum seems to be from SA :lol: ( I want to thankyou for the Sharks cheerleaders ) somebody has done this and can advise me.

Thanks Derek


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I am in uk
Mar 10, 2010
East Sussex
You will need to contact a customs clearance agent, they can be found around any port/docks, and they will tell you what paper work is needed, also to register it in the UK you will need a de-registration form from the country of origin, that might be the hard bit.

Derek J

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May 8, 2010
Belfast NI
Wow I actually got a reply. Thanks both of you for the ideas.

Paul that link was great and you seem to be right with what you say about no duty being due. I will tell the seller and see what happens.

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I am in scotland
Sep 8, 2010
Isle of Arran
I wouldn't tell him...just use his ignorance against him and hold the duty card as a bargaining chip and get him to reduce the price :thumbup:


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I am in england
Mar 7, 2010
A few years ago I did similar with a Hilux.

The seller had to have it in the country for 6 months prior to sellin or he would have had to pay the VAT

I took all the paperwork (with insurance using the chassis no) to my local DVLA office to get the reg no

They insisted that I had the exact date of manufacture, the year on the S African reg doc wasnt enough, nor the other (dated) paper work & original sales reciept when it was new

I had to get the date of manufacture ..............Toyota charged me about £100 for this info & took an age sending it

As I got fed up with waiting,

I contacted the original selling garage in SA (thier stamp was in the handbook) & they faxed the required info immediately with a covering letter.

DVLA accepted this, & as the vehicle was over 10 yrs old, no inspection of the car needed

Had to pay for 12 months road tax & some other fees & they issued reg no quite quickly

The Toyota letter appeared about 3 months later giving the date of manufacture!

There was some tooing & froing to the DVLA office, but cant remember what for!
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