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AHC upgrade


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Dec 14, 2014
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Merry Christmas ...

I am new here and recently bought LC 100, 2006 - there are only few of them in Israel...

Had issues with one of the front suspension and wonder if I have to replace the bad one only or both? Like to here you opinion ...

While look for an upgraded system (without eliminate the AHC) I found this company and its unique solution - down..

Appreciate your answers ...

B and B Suspension LLC-(B&B)- develops and sells accumulators for special applications.

We are a small, but world wide business specializing in suspension accumulators for the , Lexus LX 470,Toyota Land Cruiser, and Infiniti Q45a. We also service hydraulic valves and pumps for Mercedes M-100 series cars and restore accumulators for the Porsche 959 super-car and other high end cars with hydraulic accumulators, including some Ferrari, Maserati, Lotus and others. Our '959' restorations use the OEM aluminum shell but incorporate all new internals so they function and appear as new OEM units--but with adjustable pressure!

Over 30 years as an engineer and Project Manager designing and building oil and chemical refineries and the experience of restoring and maintaining my Citroen SM and Mercedes hydraulic suspensions led us to starting, in 1996, this business refurbishing accumulators for the Infiniti Q45a. Since that time we have completed more than 1000 units for the Infiniti and helped keep these high performance soon-to-be collector cars 'active' and affordable. One of our stock'94 Q45a cars, with 163k miles, 'runs with Porsches' at High Speed Driver Education events and beats all but turbo-Porsches around the track.

For nearly 3 years, B&B searched world wide, without success, for an alternative source of LX-470 accumulators. B&B decided to develop and produce parts for new accumulators to meet the requirements of the LX-470. This exclusive design is believed to be more durable than the OEM unit. It can also be recharged or the pressure increased to improve carrying capacity and ride quality for heavy loads if needed.

The pre-charge gas in ANY accumulator slowly migrates out through the diaphragm(like air leaks out of your tires),and the accumulators will slowly loose the ability to absorb bumps causing the ride quality to suffer. Eventually the ride becomes very harsh and there is no suspension travel left. The accumulators must be replaced or recharged if designed for recharging--like ours.

DO NOT REMOVE THE AHC SYSTEM on LX-470 or LC-100 vehicles and replace with after-market springs and shocks! This can be very dangerous. AHC includes an active stability control system. It automatically stiffens the shocks to greatly reduce body sway and substantially reduces roll-over potential during emergency conditions such as abrupt lane changes, tire blow-outs, dropping a wheel off the outside edge of the pavement,etc. Your insurance company may deny coverage of your 'modified vehicle' after you have such an accident.

When ordering from B&B, you are dealing directly with the Owners. There are no 'middlemen'. Our custom made parts come directly from the manufacturers, we assemble,pre-charge with Argon and test each one before shipping it to you--anywhere in the world. We will personally take your phone calls and respond to your emails with pleasure because happy customers mean a happy business.


Keith E. Bowers, Managing Director

P.S. On the web, I have noticed that the LX or LC suspension accumulators are sometimes referred to as nitrogen globes, damping globes, height control actuators, or AHC shocks (on the Lexus.) The 'shock like' things are simple hydraulic jack rams and never, ever need replacing.

NOTE: AHC PUMP Lexus part numbers: pump sub-assembly #48901-60010; o-ring #90301-0612; o-ring # " -7003; Lexus/Toyota AHC suspension oil #0886-01805.