Aidworkers servicing schedule for Land Cruiser


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I am in australia
Mar 15, 2010
A while ago I found what looks like a decent service schedule for Land Cruisers on a while ago but I can find the link anymore. However I have uploaded it to my otherwise empty gallery so anybody can download it from here. It is a maintenance check list for services at 5000, 15000 and 45000 km.

If you click on link you will get shown to the gallery with a picture which just shows "File". Click on the file and you are asked if you want to open or save it to your computer. It is a Rich Text file (rtf) so you should be able to open it easily enough.

I'd be very keen to see what others think about the list [not enough, wrong timings, key checks omitted] - it could then become a pretty good maintenance list. Needless to say, some of the changes do prove that when it comes to servicing trucks in the UN, money is no object. :o


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Mar 1, 2010
interesting stuff, would be great to know exactly which landcruiser it is for as the oil change interval is a bit more than i would expect on the 1hz engine. (i am assuming it is for the 70 series)

Gilmour Dickson

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May 22, 2010
Very strange:
Assuming it is for a 70/105, recommending pre-fuel filter change every 5,000km and engine oil (and filter) only at 15K???
This is not like anything I have every seen (or stuck to) and I wouldn't either. Bear in mind Toyota's recommendation for "extreme duty" (like down a mine or whatever) is oil change at 2,500kms :o

The fuel pre-filter I only do at 20,000 (along with main), oil (and filter) at 5,000. The engine compression check is a bit much! As is changing the shocks. And the timing belt!

But at least they check the flag... :ugeek:
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