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Ally sump plates



I have an 8mm ally plate running right from just behind the front bumper on
my Pajero. It has some scratches and a very slight dent in it but no
cracks. Since I have had it I have done all the tank tracks on Salisbury
Plain and kept up with the big boys. If I ever have to take it off, I know
it will be far easier than manhandling a similar one made from steel plate,
even though a steel one may be thinner. It does me thank you.
Having said that, all the 4WD's I have driven as work vehicles in strange
places, have never had accessory sump plates fitted. It gets a bit rough
and tough in the Balkans with plenty of rocky roads - and at times rocky
but no roads !! - but the only 4WD I ever bottomed was the infamous RAV4,
but you all know I have written here before about that heap. The same also
for driving through boggy ruts in mountain valleys, especially the tracks
made by the peacekeeping forces' trucks. I have never had a plate on my 80.
I think if I were to have a plate it would be to protect the steering only,
and nothing else, particularly thinking of fording. A ford can be in
regular use and fine under the tyre, until you have a night's rain up in
the mountain above, and you don't know about it till you are 5 yards into
the water ;o)
'92 HZJ80 ex UN surplus from Bosnia, now sharing time between Alfold Surrey
and Tring Herts.