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Any 120 has suffered engine destruction,VOSA WANT T0 KNOw


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Mar 22, 2010
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Hello all,

I know about the failure of certain 120's with the copper sealing washer,
Vosa are compiling a record.
The contact is

[email protected]?.uk

Martin Ryder
Automotive Engineer - Defect Investigation
Tel. 0117 954 3486
Mob. 07767 816 648
Here he replies to an earlier mail I sent him...

Code of Practice on Vehicle Safety Defects

The General Product Safety Directive 2001 (Directive 2001/95) EC and the UK General Product Safety Regulations 2005 (GPSR 2005) encourage Codes of Good Practice. This Code of Practice for vehicle safety defects, (hereafter referred to as the “Code”), has been developed by;

• Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA) representing the Secretary of State for Transport
• The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders Limited (SMMT)
• The Motor Cycle Industry Association Limited (MCIA)
• Commercial Trailer Association (CTA)
• The National Caravan Council (NCC)
• British Independent Motor Trade Association (BIMTA)
• Independent Automotive Aftermarket Federation (IAAF)
• Retail Motor Industry Federation (RMIF)
• British Tyre Manufacturers Association Ltd (BTMA)
• National Tyre Distributors Association (NTDA)
• Imported Tyre Manufacturers Association (ITMA)
• Retread Manufacturers Association (RMA)
• Agricultural Engineers Association (AEA)
• National Trailer and Towing Association (NTTA)
• British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association (BVRLA)

This Code concerns cases where manufacturers, concessionaires or official/independent importers become aware of the existence of safety defects (as defined below) in units that are available for supply in the UK.

This code deals with information provision to VOSA and the owner/registered keeper in respect of passenger cars, commercial vehicles, passenger carrying vehicles, two and three wheeled motorcycles, quadricycles, commercial trailers, agricultural equipment, motor homes/caravans, trailer caravans, private trailers and components fitted as original equipment or supplied to the aftermarket.

This Code does not cover bicycles or tyres, wheels and associated parts for which there are separate Codes.


Safety Defect - is a feature of design or construction liable to cause significant risk of personal injury or death.

Supplier - is taken to mean vehicle or component part producer, manufacturer, official/ independent importer, distributor or concessionaire.

Unit - describes the affected component/part or vehicle

Forthwith – immediately or without delay

Cases covered by the code

a; where evidence indicates the existence of a safety defect in the unit; and

b; the defect appears to be common to a number of units; and

c; units are available for supply in the UK.

It will be a matter of VOSA/supplier judgement to decide whether the number of units affected is sufficient to justify invoking the Code. A fixed numerical limit cannot be specified as the decision will take account of the degree of seriousness of any possible hazard involved.

Recall Arrangements with individual manufacturers

VOSA will require a supplier to notify it of the names of a recall coordinator and deputy with safety recall campaign responsibility.

Cases affecting components or parts

Safety defects covered by the Code include those relating to components or parts bought by suppliers from other (component/parts) manufacturers and (component / part) suppliers, whether sold with the vehicle as original equipment or supplied to the automotive aftermarket.

Notification to VOSA

Increasingly, safety recalls that affect key areas of the world are receiving high media interest and, therefore, VOSA may receive enquiries relating to how issues may affect the UK market. It will be necessary to answer questions that may come from a variety of sources and it is important that this information is available to VOSA when necessary.

There are two main areas where manufacturers, producers and suppliers may need to notify VOSA at an early stage;

1. Where the alleged safety defect affects vehicles/products that have been supplied for use in the UK

At this early stage it would be helpful to indicate to VOSA;

• The make and model of the product
• The nature of the defect and estimated number of units involved
• The nature of the safety hazard involved
• Planned action to remedy the defect

We appreciate that the information you have received may not detail all the necessary information that would normally be supplied on the official notification form, however this brief data ensures that VOSA are aware of the issue at the earliest stage which then complies with Part 2, section 9 of the General Product Safety Regulations 2005.

Information supplied will be treated in confidence.

2. Where the manufacturer, producer or supplier becomes aware of an alleged safety defect in vehicles/products with models that are sold in the UK but the defect does not affect vehicles/products supplied for use in the UK.

Often this occurs when there is an issue in another part of the world relating to a model sold in the UK which may attract media/ministerial interest in the UK. Although there is no legislative mandate for manufacturers, producers or suppliers to comply, VOSA recommend that notice be provided to ensure there is awareness and avoids unnecessary communication after the event. At this stage it would be helpful for VOSA to have the following information in order to confirm that this issue does not affect the UK;

• The make and model of the product
• The nature of the defect and the remedy along with a brief explanation as to why the recall is not to be conducted in the UK
• Countries affected

In cases where the defect appears to stem from a fault in a component/part produced by another supplier, that other supplier will also be notified and VOSA advised accordingly.

The Supplier will also inform VOSA of all subsequent decisions on remedial action. This includes cases in which component suppliers are involved, unless in the circumstances of the case it is agreed between the vehicle supplier and the appropriate component supplier for all remedial action to become the responsibility of the component supplier, in which case the latter shall keep VOSA informed.

Initiatives by VOSA in particular cases

VOSA may wish to seek information from a supplier about safety defects that have been brought to their attention. In these cases, the supplier will pass all relevant information available, and cooperate with VOSA in establishing whether a defect is present.

The primary responsibility for deciding on remedial action lies with the supplier, but VOSA may, at its discretion, offer views and make recommendations on the measures proposed.

Notification to unit owners

The supplier will take all reasonable action to contact affected owners/registered keepers and recall their vehicles/components/parts for inspection and, if necessary, rectify components or assemblies the supplier believes are safety defective.

In consultation with VOSA the supplier will send communication, in layman's terms, to the owner/registered keeper, directly or through the franchised dealer network or through other methods explaining the nature of the defect and its safety significance. VOSA must be given the opportunity to comment on the content of and method of communication prior to instigating a campaign.

If the supplier or franchised dealer receives no response from the owner/registered keeper then further communication will be sent.

If requested, the DVLA will furnish the supplier with names and addresses of the owner/ registered keepers shown on their record, in accordance with existing procedures. Alternatively DVLA can address and dispatch letters from the supplier to the owner/ registered keeper at the suppliers request and cost.

Suppliers will notify VOSA of the response rate at three monthly intervals, until the recall action is complete or it is mutually agreed that the campaign be closed for reporting purposes.

Publication of information on vehicle, component or part defects by VOSA

VOSA reserves the right, under Ministerial authority, to publish at any time information of public interest. Before doing so, VOSA will consult the supplier, and where appropriate the component, part manufacturer or supplier concerned.

VOSA will not disclose publicly information on matters of commercial confidence unless there appear to be overriding safety considerations. Subject to this proviso, VOSA will also make public at regular intervals, summary information on action taken on cases notified under the Code. It will normally divert to a supplier more specific requests on particular cases.

Imported Units

In the case of a recall affecting units imported by an independent importer, that importer shall bear the responsibilities specified in this Code.

If the independent importer is not available to undertake this obligation, then VOSA will contact the manufacturer of the affected units.

This Code will also apply to personally imported units, insofar as the supplier is able to identify the unit's presence in the UK.

Exported Units

The Code does not cover exported units. Measures to be taken in relation to these will depend upon the legal and administrative arrangements prevailing in the country of import. However, the sponsors of the Code are prepared to participate in any international discussions/agreements designed to harmonise arrangements governing notification of defects and related remedial action.

Further Information

This Code of Practice is drawn up and has been revised as a consequence of the implementation of Directive 2001/95/EC on general product safety and the General Product Safety Regulations 2005 and is not intended to interpret, qualify or supplement English Law.

You retain your rights under the Regulations and copies can be obtained from The Stationery Office.

Any further information is obtainable by contacting VOSA via the details provided below.

This Code of Practice is produced in tandem with the VOSA Guide to Recalls and acknowledged within the Europe Recall Guide.

For Further Information Contact: Vehicle Safety Branch, Vehicle and Operator Services Agency, Berkeley House, Croydon Street, Bristol, BS5 ODA. Tel: 0117-9543300 or email [email protected] or find us on

Document Reference: VSBCOP001
Issue: 1 (03/07)
Origin: VSB1
Document Review Date: 08/2007

Document History

Issue 1 - March 2007
Appendix 4
Issue 2 – Mar 2011 Review and amendment of the Codes
Re: Any 120 has suffered engine destruction,VOSA WANT T0 KNO

hopefully we'll get a recall on this one. it does make me worry sometimes!
Re: Any 120 has suffered engine destruction,VOSA WANT T0 KNO

Where are you based?
Re: Any 120 has suffered engine destruction,VOSA WANT T0 KNO

Here in Bulgaria many LC120's had issues with broken engines. The dealership told me that this is caused by bad fuel, which damages all fuel injectors -> all the fuel comes out from only one hole of the injector -> after inflaming it bores a hole in the piston... You all know what happens then.

Other problem is caused by bad sealing (or however is called) of the fuel injector - exhaust gases pass through it -> pollute the oil -> this oil then clogs the nozzle that sprays oil on the piston in order to cool it -> the piston overheats, shinks, and damage the cylinder and many, many other stuff. (this information is from a mechanic in official dealership)
Re: Any 120 has suffered engine destruction,VOSA WANT T0 KNO

I'm looking at one of these as a replacement for my Discovery.

Do Toyota do the injector seal recall on all effected 120's, irrespective of service history, number of owners etc?

Also, to compare to my Disco, does anybody know the luggage volume, seats in place and all seats down? Seems to be missing from all reviews and websites i.e. Autotrader etc.

Re: Any 120 has suffered engine destruction,VOSA WANT T0 KNO

Triarii said:
I'm looking at one of these as a replacement for my Discovery.

Do Toyota do the injector seal recall on all effected 120's, irrespective of service history, number of owners etc?

Also, to compare to my Disco, does anybody know the luggage volume, seats in place and all seats down? Seems to be missing from all reviews and websites i.e. Autotrader etc.

Hi quoted luggage volumes are a bit misleading. You're best bet is to hysically compare models. The LC should be as roomy as a Disco but there is definitely more foot room in the 3rd row of seats in the Disco. On the positive side, the LC will be capable of probably 500k miles (the odd known engine issue aside) and the Disco won't. Simples.
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