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Any more takers for Salisbury Plain?



Hi Folks,
The idea of a camping arrangement in conjunction with
some 4x4 event sounds very interesting to me.
I was a couple of years ago at a 3-day event at Europe's largest
4x4 show in Bad Kissingen in Germany, and was duly impressed.
The Show itself did not appear any better than the UK based ones,
but the Make of Vehicles at the Show and the Camp Site was of a much
better Ratio, perhaps one third was Land Rovers based and two third Toyota
and other off-road vehicles.
The camp site was a great place for inspiration and much was learned
from other peoples experiences, modifications and solutions for either
off-road use or overland travel.
This venue might be too far away from the English Channel, but perhaps other
potential sites are know to people on the Continent.
Regards Jorgen
KDJ120 (UK)