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Any other 60 series owners?


New Member
Mar 7, 2010
Just wanted to be the first to post....any other HJ60 owners on here yet?

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Hi everyone. My names Adam, i´m based in Malaga Spain. Currently driving a hj61 (12HT) Turbo, which i´m preparing for a 6/8 month trip round africa. Also got a 1984 Hj60 (2H) which i´ve just restored and another HJ61 in bits for spares.
You could say i´m a toyota addict. My past toyotas are LJ70, KZJ90, KZJ73. Also built a Tomcat a few years ago, G Wagon,
and a few other vehicles. Nice to see a european cruiser site. Cheers for now. Adam
Hi Adam I have two 60s for bits and I've just got a 62 not as pretty but better condition.

The 62 has a built in roof tent accessible from inside. I am looking at a turbo engine for it at the moment. Meantime it is getting a bodylift and new springs to get 35 inch Baja Claws under the arches.

Doing the usual stuff to her, stainless snorkle, front and rear winches new bumpers sliders etc.

Starting off small touring around Southern Ireland moving onto Iceland next year.
At last you've come out of the undergrowth Derek ;-)

Gonna grace us with a few photos soon?

Does an HJ61 Count?
if so i'm trying to find out if their is a market for this and what it might be worth?
Hj61Turbe Diesel 1988 183,000 klms immaculate not sure how to post pictures but could supply via e-mail ,
History imported from japan to Canada had lots of work done to bring it back to full Toyota spec inc new leaf shocks springs it had been lowered! all work carried out by reg mechanics.
Shipped it to the uk from Vancouver Canada it has full Mot passed air care.
Comes with factory PTO WInch ARB roof rack steel bed Safari Snorkel Fitted stainless steel twin exhaust new batteries new tires 2008 kitted out with custom storage at back as well as sleeping mats that allow for rear storage camping stove that clips in raised Roof model used by Nato or fro Safari elec sunroof and windows. No rust undersealed doors injected. Nato Hitch and Sankey3/4ton trailer, also comes with high lift jack and pad chains all the toys and it just now being used for what it designed for two tone Grey tinted rear windows!
have receipts for all work carried out. back to you feel free to e-mail back questions. or pic's
[email protected]
thanks Mike
Hi yes I've got couple of 60's,Ive been into them for years always trying to get better condition ones as I have gone along.
I have a 89 hj60 which I have restored out of pretty much 2 hj60's, have used a body of a 88 hj60 and welded it of the chassis then refitted it in the last 2 months.

Almost ready to paint it. So there will be another one on the road soon. A solid rust free example for the future!!!
Hi all.. and after over a year...I come back to see if any one has replied to my original post :)

Still got my 82 HJ60...cut the entire roof gutter section away in parts a while back and replaced the entire gutter from A pillar to A pillar all round...all home folded gutter...a hell of a job...also managed to catch fire to the had to make a new one...all repsrayed...then afew months later lost my driving licence for 16 months...almost up now.

I was going to try driving over here in jersey on my Uganda driving licence...but they would not accept that...strange ...cant imagine why :p