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Anyone else watching Tales from the National Parks on BBC4?

Paddler Ed

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Aug 1, 2012
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Not sure that this a new programme or not; knowing the BBC it's probably a repeat.

Looks at the reasons/arguments behind the some of the closures of the BOATs in the Peak District National Park, and the TRO's that were put in place.

Just thought I'd flag it up for people, in case they've missed it. May be on iPlayer, or shown again.

Link to programme information

Quite a few NIMBY's and some angry farmers (I know those from canoeing and kayaking!)
Must use search function before posting; I found it on half way through, and didn't know if it was new or old!

On your comment on the other thread about the trails in Aus, don't believe that they are all open... the biggest problem over there is the trail bikes; a lot are un-registered/un-licensed riders hooning around.

Saying that we, never found any problems in the NSW area that we used (Watagan State forest) nor further south when we went down to Yerrenderie. (Must write that one up for the guys here... it was a good route!)

I think that the problem here as well, is that people forget that these trails were the ancient trading routes (I'm thinking of the Ridgeway in particular) that were the M4's of their day.

Also they forget the part that some of the 4x4 community play in times of need, such as the floods and winter storms. Because the community so often gets marginalised into "a destructive group" they forget the part that they play when the normal service can not be offered by the public services (ie ambulance).

Oh well, must remember to use search on this forum; I tend not to need it on some of the others because I've been on them for so long :icon-biggrin::whistle: