Apology etc



Hello friends,
This is totally off-topic but I write to give my sincere apologies
for not being available the past month for any of the listers
who often contact me off-list. You will have had emails bounced back
at you telling you that the address did not exist. I will not bore
you with the reasons why, except to remind you that every so often
previously I had to ask for someone to send me a copy of a digest or
two, this being due to my hosting company failing regularly.
Julian was aware of the problem and knew another address to contact
me on if needed. So hopefully the hiatus is now over, I got back in
touch this evening and all I now have to do is sort out why I get
the elco digest four times. But its better than getting nothing !
I see my old mate JB is still causing havoc - good on you JB - your
questions and their subsequent answers bring out the best in some of
the forum members and are of great value to all of us. Keep asking old friend.
That's it and sorry to take-up bandwidth.
LC content - I washed the 80 today ;o)
Tring, Herts
'92 HZJ80 ex UN Bosnia surplus
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