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Arb Base Rack - Will it leak?


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Dec 6, 2022
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I have a Prado 150 with OEM Roof Rails. Today I fitted the Arb Base Rack. All went well very good quality and looking good. However a bit worried as to whether it will leak. The OEM roof rails that I removed had a shield so to speak that sat over the black trim and had a rubber seal so there was nowhere for the water to sit. It secured the rubber trim in the track.

I did use some sealant around the plastic sleeve that the rubber spacer fitted over and used some sealant on the hex bolt that secure the Arb bracket in place. However this still leaves a hole so to speak, between the remaining trim, for the water to gather and there is now nothing securing the black trim in the track.

Am I over analysing will the rubber spacer and the sealant ensure no leaks or should I be looking to do something about the big gap between the remaining trim. And should I remove the trim and reseat with sealant?

For context I live in NE Scotland and Scotland is inclined to be rather wet on occasions.
My Big Country roof rack leaks through the bolt holes in the roof, annoyingly only on the nearside. Not sure whether it's the bolts that hold the rack on or the unused holes that just have a bolt screwed in to blank them. It's one of my jobs this week..

Not such a problem in Zim but it is rainy season
Roof rack off and back on again with PTFE tape and a bit of silicone for good measure.. Lets see what happens when it rains.
I have fitted mine and used some silicon sealant/adhesive so fingers crossed it will be ok. I was hoping for lots of people saying I fitted mine as per instructions and had no problems. Anyway that's mine on now.