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ASFIR spare tyre carrier


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Oct 20, 2021
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I've been thinking about a spare wheel carrier for a while, but most options are either too expensive or shipping is too expensive. I recently came across ASFIR, which offers free shipping.

The tyre carrier is meant for use with the bumper......but it looks like you could attach this directly to the chassis with a bit of modification - keen to hear if anyone is currently running the bumper/tyre carrier set-up from ASFIR and any details that could help clarify attachment?

Cheers in advance and hopefully this all makes sense!
Toyota Land Cruiser 80 Spare Tire Carrier | for Asfir Rear Bumper - [Leaving Land Cruiser Club]
Weighs 23kgs, doesn't sound very heavy for something like this?
Sorry, just to wrap this up. The manufacturer says it attaches to the bumper which attaches to the chassis - so a bit vague but presumably wouldn't take much to make it fit. For me, I think the spindle location is the deal breaker - the ASFIR bumper is very square, and the spindle would really stick out on bumpers that are more 'contoured' to the body of the 80. Nice to see free shipping though!