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Alan wrote...
been onto and printed off the axle codes.=0D
read mine and the plate shows "G975" , now according to the 4x4wire site
this axle code shows a 8" ring gear with 4pinions and LSD? but the "95" part
doesn't concur.....whats going on ? or am I reading something wrong?=0D
my truck is the KZT70 model of 1993 vintage with 1KZT 3.0 ltr TD diesel
(Before I start Alan, the above is how your posting came out on the
digest at first, I think you are posting in HTML and not the
preferred text format. The subsequent digest then comes onto the
screen one word per line, thus a zillion lines. Julian will tell you
more about making your settings to suit the list).
Back to the point. First, it looks like you got the Toy you were
after, so congrats and welcome to Toy ownership. Most of us use one
definitive document to identify the bits of our Toys. (Google: Toyota
Land Cruiser Frequently Asked Questions List - Rob Mullen). Its a
big, about 350k, description of the TLC life story up to the late 90's.
Looking at this, your ratio code is not listed at all either. It too
confirms 8" ring gear and a 4 spider limited slip diff. But the first
two digits (the 95 in your posting) go on a scale from 01 to 38
according to the document above, not as far as 95, and it is these
that show the ring/pinion ratio, ranging 01 = 3.30 up to 38 = 3.417.
There is one other ratio listed after 38 but without a reference
number - and I quote referred to "4.88 Aftermarket HD Cruiser ".
Would that fit a description for your 70 I wonder?
My 80 is 'K292' and is thus easily identified on the chart.
So it looks as if you have to look at more spec plates on your Toy,
if possible look for further ID stamped on the axle itself. Not sure
about the axles, but the gearbox has numbers stamped on it in
addition to the spec plate on the firewall. Sorry I can be of no more help.
Grand Union Canal
'92 HZJ80 ex UN surplus from Bosnia