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Be careful where you park.......

anyone whos judgment isnt clouded by ideology, politics or self interest. knows we are chronically over populated, and its only getting worse.

its not in my nature, but im actually beginning to wonder how bad this is going to get..
chronically over populated
I heard this from few outside the club as well. Didn’t understand where this is coming from and if this for world population or UK or continent wise
I think there are just too many people on this planet who take no responsibility for their actions ....

Raj ..... world population is becoming unsustainable .....UK population is already too large.... if people want to continue to live the way they have...

Food in the UK is too cheap and bears no relation to it's cost of production in the UK so is sourced from else where so the super markets can maintain their margins....

This elsewhere is often on ground cleared from forest in poor countries ....palm oil production is the worse offender as is some cattle farming and veg/pulse production...

In the western world few foods are now seasonal.....they are simply shipped or flown half way round the world so people can have strawberries on xmas day for example or vegans can eat a healthy diet because it's pretty near impossible to do so on just veg/protein grown in the UK...

Most of the worlds oceans are now being fished by factory ships at an unsustainable rate.... and then are being poisoned and polluted so recovery of fish stocks will never happen...

More and more people in parts of the world are suffering from hunger ... we could feed the whole world well at current levels if we put our minds to it but that like many things on this earth is fast approaching a tipping point where that will no longer be possible as our climate changes ... we are becoming like Lemmings ...
Yeah dog s--t bags hung in trees. We have that in our lane. Our neighbour put a polite notice on a bush asking if people could take their bags home. Next time I passed the bush it looked like a Christmas tree with about 10 bags hung on it. What chance does the planet have if we are heading for Anarchy?
Dog s--t bags are all well and good on streets and city parks etc.... we're lucky enough to live surrounded by fields and where maybe 10 people a day walk the footpath .... unless it's school holidays and the grockels descend.... and locals operate a "kick and flick" system into the nearest hedge or ditch or bag it and take it's without exception non locals that think putting crap that will degrade in weeks into a plastic bag and hanging it on a tree or leaving it by a gate post so that it takes years to degrade is a good plan ....
Grimbo we live in the middle of nowhere really. People come here for a nice walk and to see the countryside, or do they come so the dog can have a good clear out here rather than in their garden. A lot of people discovered our lane during lockdown and a lot have stayed. It got so bad that cars were parked all over the place. Now traffic has been banned. Police have given us tickets to stick on offending vehicles.
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What sickens me is it’s all a con.
Call me a conspiracy theorist, I don’t care.

To my mind there’s no good evidence of global warming, sorry climate change, and even if there is warming, there’s no good evidence that it’s caused by human activity. And I’ve looked closely at the arguments from both sides.

Yeah it’s a long debate, yadder yadder and I’m not really prepared to go into it here on this forum.

If you’re convinced that CO2 is our enemy, then check out Tony Heller and the many like him on utoob and try to keep an open mind.

Other than that, we’re all going to hell in a leaking row-boat, the world’s gone stark staring bonkers …

I’m glad I’m old and won’t see the disaster that this alleged fighting climate change garbage will cause in the next 30 years or so.

I’m all for environmental protection, but CO2 is not a pollutant, there’s plenty of pollution sadly, but it’s not CO2.
Quick look at it v ll know there are bigger contributors than vehicles for climate change, yet cars are targeted n electric cars being forced like they did with diesel. All can see what happens when transportation percentage is added to electricity

Interesting Pie chart...... Transportation at 14%... Mmm! Its the easiest target to pick on. Industry/Agri and Forestry can put up a better Fight.... We just roll over and do as we are told... Its easy to blame Vehicles, weather it be because its Diesel or its Old... Its what Thick People see every Day... If a politician or Climate change expert points at a Car/Truck/Bus etc and Blames Them, Then every one (thick people) Just agrees.... "Yeh! its the Cars, Because that Man 'sez' it is.... Why dont they Put it to a vote, Like Brexit for instance ?... No Wait. Look how well that went....Number One rule, Never give Thick People the 'Vote'.... Or the right to think for them selves.... They will just Vote for the right to Think like everyone else....
This is out of scope for us but anytime something big comes, it’s always citizens are made to feel guilty and made responsible. Be it plastic use, recession, climate change.
Landcruiser owners are likely to be pointed out as bad in this whole drama so having some facts dosent make us feel guilty n earth destroyers.
Cars like ours produce about 8000-9000gms co2 per year assuming they travel 11-12K miles per year. Below is a fraction of system generated pollution detail. Are personal car owners really to be blamed??

As of 2021 the global military aircraft fleet is 53,563, which is more than double the projected civilian fleet of 23,715.2 Overall, aviation represents around 3.5% of climate warming, and the role of military aviation is currently estimated at between 8% to 15%of this total. The contribution from military aircraft is difficult to estimate and likely accounts for the single largest source of uncertainty in global aviation – the primary difficulty arises from the nondisclosure of data on military aviation activity, which underlines the importance of transparent reporting.

A single mission of two fuel thirsty B-2B bombers in January 2017, flying from the US to Libya, emitted about 1,000 tCO2e. Military jets typically fly at higher altitudes than commercial airlines. As well as emitting greenhouse gases, aircraft flying at high altitude can also cause additional atmospheric heating effects due to the contrails left by aircraft, which can persist as large, thin sheets of cirrus clouds. Contrail cirrus, as well as other non-CO2 effects like NOx emissions from aviation, are significant contributors to the climate warming impacts
It is all a con and its aimed at generating turnover . You can hide bankruptcy for a very very long time so long as you have a turnover . Printing money they haven't got and will never have is kicking the can down the road towards the next great depression which will make what happened in the 1930's seem insignificant by comparison .

People weren't so dependent on infrastructure and technology back then :think: maybe the mega rich are just ensuring there will be enough free energy to keep them in comfort when mad max rides again .
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The CO2 figures for beef production appear so bad because they include the affect of forest clearance in countries where intensive cattle farms can be huge. In the UK, beef isn't farmed like that. Grass fed beef is not only far more eco friendly but it tastes delicious :thumbup:. Only 3 hours to Sunday lunch! :icon-biggrin:
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Nothing in the pie chart for recycling! I've done a lot of oxy acetylene gas welding and it surprises me how much heat is needed just to melt the edge of a steel plate. I can't imagine how much heat it's going to take to melt down a car and turn it into something else. The human race is like a plague of bacteria or other life form and we will die off naturally when our resources run out, or something like God vaccines the planet against us.
There‘s a perfect example of what I mean, if I’m allowed an opinion.

With no disrespect to Raj whatsoever, he’s posted a quote from somewhere, all clever data and math that I’m ready to accept as accurate, but the jarring and subtle sentence (to me) in that quote is “Overall, aviation represents around 3.5% of climate warming”… wut?

Maybe 3.5% of CO2 emissions, but there’s a missing nexus between CO2 and climate warming. The other omission from that sentence was the CO2 bit… but they were sure to get the climate warming bit in there.

There’s been so much bs propaganda published these last 10 - 15 years or so, nobody needs to bother mentioning CO2 and the alleged rate of warming anymore, because 99.9% of scientists managed to convince the world that there is a nexus…. when over 30,000 scientists have recently denied that there is.

I’ll bet you didn’t see that figure announced on the Beeb, I’m guessing.
And, if 30,000 scientists are the other 0.1% then there’s an awful lot of scientists … that’s some 30,000,000 climate scientists … do they think we’re all fools or what? It’s laughable. Source :

On another similar theme, take an open minded look at this…

After seeing Al Gore’s inconvenient truth back in 1995, I’ve taken a keen interest in both sides of the climate arguments. My mind is made up…

Is yours? Really?
Statistics can prove anything to be true , the average wage is unquestionably factual , but nevertheless remains far removed from reality .
After seeing Al Gore’s inconvenient truth back in 1995
Wow this is at whole different level. I was trying to get numbers to say the harm v civilians do is very very small compared to those big military machines. So v don’t need to worry much even with our V8 engines.
this video is pointing me look properly again at a different place.
Things are changing, and entire forests are going away, plastics are everywhere and land fills are growing. There is definitely scope for many of us to do things differently.
Totally agree GOK, but it needs the whole world to sing off the same page. Impossible ?
Pockets of people/individual countries doing their bit, is like pi55ing in the wind unfortunately.
"People" need to do nothing , did anybody ever complain about washing milk bottles , or nappies or returning pop bottles , eating chips out of old newspapers , fire lit for only on a Sunday for a warm bath ?

What was promoted as convenience was simply cheaper to produce and therefore more profitable . We live in a disposable world created by the very people who would punish us for it , and only so they can continue to reap what they have sown .