Beerfield joints all new - still have clucking noise !



Re Beerfields:
I re-built the front end recently - bearings, seals, gaskets
Before I did the work I tested the beerfields - no clunking noise - so
didn't change them out.
I did remove them & cleaned out all the old grease etc.
When puit back together and tested - clunking noise was there when
turning hard.
I was preparing for another stripdown to install new beerfields. So
will be interested to see how your diff inspection goes.
Re Motor noise:
Have you checked you UJ's ? - this appears to be the most common source
of noises and vibrations in cruisers. Especially if it vibrates more as
you increase speed or load.


If the clucking is there when ticking over when parked, it obviously
cannot be from the axle or prop shaft of course. If you have a manual
box it will be slack on the layshaft, usually one or both of the
bearings at either end. It sounds like this as the input shaft turns
in neutral. If its an auto, then my butt cheeks have got the better
of me, sorry ;-)
canures I think you will find are known in English as splines.
'92 HZJ80 ex UN Bosnia surplus - with knackered layshaft bearings
changed last year.


Benoit wrote...
Seconde noise is tap tap TAP from moteur when I am more than 1600 tours even with 80 not moving once centimeter. I make postes about the two separate before but now I see I maked one poste with the two noises in it and that was stupide for me.
First Benoit, my fault for not reading back through your postings, so
my apology. You are to be admired for trying so hard to communicate
with us all, so don't fret about mixing-up your subject lines, we all
do it and most of us are supposed to speak English fluently! We much
enjoy your company - keep posting.
As for the tapping at 1600 when parked, have you heard about the
dreaded low rev tapping in the Toy 6 cylinder ? It is a common
fault, though maybe more prominent in the turbo engine rather than my
non-turbo. I get it too but it is not a regular occurrence, some
prefer a strict tappet checking regime to keep it in check. Others do
not worry until it is a regular sound and then action has to be taken
quickly. But I must stop here as I really do not so much about the
phenomenon. I am sure that Julian, Roman or Clive will chip-in with
far more information.
'92 HZJ80 ex UN Bosnia surplus
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