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BFG AT KO 235/85 R16s on a HDJ80

I have 265/75R16s on my 80 and they are too small, I would most likely
move up to 285s for Marocco or something with the same diameter - it
helps with the economy with the longer runs. I'll certainly run with
285s on a 100 series.
You might find the following handy to get an idea of the impact of
different sizes:
On 265s my speedo is quite far out - as a guaide 70mph on the ground is
about 75-76 on the speedo.
Milner off road do a kit quite cheaply.
Julian Voelcker
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Cirencester, United Kingdom
1994 HDJ80, 2.5" OME Lift
235/85R16s are only an inch larger in diameter than 31/10.50R16s and
-subjectively- are a little narrow for an 80 series. As Darrin mentioned
they do have the singular advantage of being similar in size to a 7.50x16
tyre so reputedly being easy to replace anywhere in Africa, if this is an
important consideration to you.
I ran 255/85R16 mud terrains on my 80 for three years and my impression was
that they suited the car well - no driveline problems at all and even the
early (90-92) brakes coped fine with the increased diameter (nominally just
over 33"). The stock Toyota driveline components appear to be easily up to
the task. Coincidentally these tyres put my speedo pretty much bang on when
checked against GPS.
I didn't notice any great difference in noise on tarmac between 265/75 BFG
AT's and the 255/85s though they did possibly make a small difference to the
handling. Whether this was because of size, tread pattern, or a combination
of the two, I don't know, but it certainly wasn't a problem - I'd go for the
255/85s again if I hadn't gone up to 35" tyres.
YMMV, but my experience is that you gain far more off road with an MT vs an
AT, than you lose on road. If you never encounter mud on your travels then
this may not hold true. Either way bigger diameter always helps off road,
bigger width generally doesn't.
Best of luck,
1990 HDJ80
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HEBERT Lionel a ?crit :
If an LJ can run 235s, an HDJ can run 255s no problem -IMO
I have not been running them for long, but nothing has broken yet. You can
certainly feel the effect on gearing but it is not too bad. For my usage of
my LC the benefit of increased ground clearance off road outweighs the
negative of slightly worse on road behaviour.
Ian Rubie
Hampshire UK
96 HDJ80 2.5" OME Lift