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BFG AT Tyres for sale



I have in my possession 2 x BFG AT 245/70/16 tyres. They=92re not mine but a
friends and he=92s asked me to offload them for him.

He says they=92re brand new, they may be, I can=92t vouch for that. Certainly if
they=92re not brand new they=92re not very far from it. The tread looks new with
all the rubber spikey moulding bits still there, the tread depth looks as
new, the white lettering looks new. They have no sticky labels on so whether
the labels have been physically removed or worn off through slight use I
can=92t say.

Anyway, he wants =A380 each for them. For comparison Bronco 4x4 want =A3121 each
new. If anyone wants pics I can email you some.

Buyer collects or I can sort out a carrier at extra cost.

Is anyone interested?