Biggest tyres on my 120?

Gary Stockton

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I am in zimbabwe
Sep 10, 2012
Hi all,

As you probably know, the std tyre size on a 120 is 265/65x17 (30.56 inches) - I've gone slightly larger at 265/70x17, which almost gives me a 32 inch tyre (31.6 or something). I see I can get 285/70x17 Coopers - this will give me 32.71 - almost 33 inch wheels :cool:

Can anyone tell me:

1. Will they fit (given I have a 40mm body lift, and a 50mm suspension lift coming (just ordered my Tough Dog suspension :lol: ))
2. I will probably be fitting a bull - sorry - winch bar in due course, which will get rid of the cruddy plastic inner mudguard for me, so no issues on rubbing there any longer;
3. I have 30mm spacers on currently - would I need to bin those and get an 8 inch rim (std are 7JJ I think)? What offset would I need to go with??

Any comments / suggestions most welcome!


EDIT: I see I can also get 35x12.5x17 or 37x12.5x17 - the mind starts to boggle - the wallet to wince!! Now then - Arctic trucks put on 38" tyres on a lifted 120 - I wonder if I can go with 35 or 37s?? :shock: ;) :lol: :lol:


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I am in europe
Feb 24, 2010
Chesterfield, Derbyshire
Are you considering a diff drop too Gary to easy those CV angles. 50mm is quite a bit on a 120 IFS. That is of course if it actually gives you 50mm in the end. Strut top spacers would give you more lift effectively and allow bigger tyres to fit without rubbing



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I am in uk
Mar 22, 2010
Warrington, Cheshire
Hi Gary,

I would be weary about going bigger than 265 x 70 x R17, this is my muds of that size.
On occassion when I reverse, and turn the steering, I can some times here the traed blocks catching the plastics.
With bigger than 265 x 70 x R17 I can very well believe it will rip into the plastics at the 9 o'clock and 3 o 'clock positions within the wheel arch.


This was before my 50mm lift, but even with the lift, it didn't really provide much more clearance in this area.

If you remove the inner wing plastics, then I think you would be OK.



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