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Boring tyres



JB wrote.....
Are road tyres better than an AT for grip and stopping distance.
Hey JB, you know what you are starting here ;o)
Or perhaps you wanted to keep a discussion going for us all over the
Anyway, in my experience I have seen very little difference, except that
road tyres wear very quickly when used off-road. In the Balkans I always had
AT's which were very well behaved when crossing Europe on tarmac. In one
organisation I worked with we had 72 toys and all on AT's. One day our idiot
logistics manager put road tyres on a Prado for some reason. It did an
average amount of off-road work, though not extreme stuff, and the tyres
(Goodyear's) were shot in a couple of months. I don't think the drivers
appreciated any better roadholding on tarmac - if any.
In Liberia last year, the organisation I was with had 46 toys mostly 75
troopies, 80's, 105's & Hi-luxes, all running on Goodyear AT's which
surprised me considering the red mud we went through every day. The
logistics manager told me that with good driver training they (AT's) would
go anywhere yet gave good performance on tarmac especially in the tropical
downpours of the rainy season. This was extreme red mud off-road driving,
I will send you a picture off-list for your amusement.
I am back off to Africa next month and will make note of the tyres again,
its the same organisation as in Liberia, so they will have Toys but in
different terrain, some savannah as well as rain forest.
Seasons greetings all.
Linslade, Beds
70/80/90/105 driver
Hi Jon,
I wish I had your job!
TTFN & Merry Christmas
London UK '94 1HDT 80 Auto, 114500+ miles, Safari snorkel, Rocksliders,
Maggiolina roof tent, Engel fridge, Custom Winch bumper & winch
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In the Balkans I always had
I am pleased that Chris concurs, and must say that I cannot remember I have been in any situation where AT's have given me a bad experience on the road. That is those with the blocks in bands, I was particularly pleased with the Coopers that I fitted to my Pajero which was very much a road car, just being used in the UK for my home visits. Its now owned by a landscape gardener who goes everywhere on those same tyres. Some on Lcool say that the Coopers have weak sidwewalls, but I think that it shows more in extreme rocky terrain where sidewall cuts are common on most tyres. But I have seen plenty in the rocky old Balkans giving sterling service.
I think road tyres are best for the shopping trolley cruisers JB, not for your occasional bog hopping weekends.
Linslade, Beds
Jon says,
Hello the Jon, I am in violent disagrement with this logistique
manager. I am run the AT now on my 80 with all the three blocking
differentiels and I am some times so stuck that I am a pig on the iced
pond! I can not even go forth or back to move one metre! But there is
no hill! I am on the level earth! Here in France we may have the more
strong mud that you do in Liberia.
Well you want to talk about AT's on the road but I am not the happy
driver with them. OK if the road she is dry their is not problem, but
if she is wet there is slipping so easy! But this is so easy comparing
to the snow. What the bad dream teh AT's is when the snow! Very bad
Hi all,
I would add the following:
I replaced Dunlop Grandtrek "all-season" road tyres (original?) with
BFG AT's. The handling on corners actually improved considerably, I
think as a result of stiffer side walls. I've not had a problem with
the AT's on the road, in the dry they're absolutely fine. In the wet
I'm conscious of what I'm driving on and so have not pushed it very
far, and have had no problems at all so far.
Off road, on rock they seem great too, and take a hell of a lot of
punishment without wearing or getting cut to bits. On mud however.....
I've followed vehicles with proper mud tyres on, but no F or R diff
locks, the car in front is driving perfectly normally and I'm slipping
all over the place with all the lockers on.
BFG's are great all-round tyres but a compromise on mud is my conclusion.
Andy Haxby
HDJ80 with mods