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Brake Calipers



Hi Jon
Thanks for the info on the Calipers and the constant velocity joints( icecream cones). When mine went the Cruiser would not move at all and needed to be put on a flat bed for 31/2 hours to get back home. The treads on the end were worn away, the Toyota garage who did the repair charged me ? 618 just for the part alone, thats about 400 odd =A3 nice ah. The part as they call it is a shaft sub assy fr was only in the Cruiser for one week and broke up. When they showed me the new part that had been fitted one week earlier it had broken to bits. Inside the cone all the bearings were lose and the part that holds the bearings was also broke. They replaced it no charge and it seems to work fine. The big end bearing cost me in total ? 6000 to get fixed. This was because other parts hed to be replaced seen as though the engine was open anyway, like the big end bearings, rings, main bearings, big end, injectors, timing belt and bits, radiator, all the gaskets, oil pump gear, and the head had to be skimmed. There was only one place that would do this as the Toyota garage could not because they had not got the equipment to carry out the job and every other garage just said no because they could not deal with a six cylinder engine. Every thing here in ireland for this cruiser is not listed by other dealers exept Toyota even for an exhaust system I have to go to Toyota. I have heard that I will need to replace the big end bearings again in 100,000 miles to be on the safe side. Now I know from you that I will need to replace the constant velocity joints every five years, I am learning.
The Cruiser is a 1992 Vx amazon 4.2 auto full time four wheel drive with diff locks. Is there any thing else that I should replace every so often because the Toyota garage only seem to know what to do when its already gone wrong. I do not like the feeling of uncertanty when I go some where, will it break down or not. The fuel injector had a problem twice which cost me ? 700. Just over the one year warrenty period for the engine job the head gasket needed to be replaced at a cost of ? 1100. Now the rocker cover gasket is leaking after two years after the engine job. It was only since I started to research this type of Cruiser on the net that I am learning about them and the problems that come with them. The day after I got the Cruiser back after the new head gasket going , I left it in to the Toyota garage to get a new timing belt fitted and guess what. The Toyota garage asked to see me straight away. The timing belt had torn through the outer casing and I was so lucky because if I had left it untill the next day I would have needed another engine job. The retaining nut for the adjuster had brokeand let the belt move into the casing, sent it all down to the people who done the head gasket to complain, they said it was metal fatigue on the nut that made it brake off, and I ended up paying up ? 350, got the tracking done found out I needed a new tracking rod as well ? 390, needed a hose for the oil cooler ? 50, two brake hoses at the front, ? 228, starting motor went twice,. Im sure there is other bits as well. Now you know why I want information on My cruiser if it helps me save money at all. The bearing problem I learned is a problem with the HDJ 80 series. I found that out on the net talking to other owners. The toyota garage dident know this nor did the garage that fixed the engine after the bearing went. Its like an essay isnt it but true. Is there any thing else that goes wrong with these Cruisers that you know about. Thanks for your time Jon sorry about the lenght of this post but I couldnt stop.
John c