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Brake dust plates


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Feb 11, 2021
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My dust plates on the LWB 90 are all really bad.

Is it acceptable to pop the brake caliper out of the way and cut the new one so I can get it on without opening up the hub?

Or does this cause problems?

It seems with Collies it's a bit of a lottery as to whether the fronts will be good or not. On the D4D 2001 VX I had the fronts were none existent but didn't seem to affect anything. On my present 2000 V6 they are in great condition so there's no rhyme or reason why.
The fronts are cheap enough and quite easy to fit, I wouldn't cut them (I didn't cut mine), but the rears are very expensive and incorporate the brake caliper mounting. The rear half shafts have to be drawn which is a bit of a faff.
It's the old story - if a jobs worth doing. . . .
OK cheers

My rears are fine but the fronts are horriffic - got to be done. I've got to do an out CV boot on one side so I thought I would do the front while I was down there.

To fit the fronts I have to get the hub out of the insude of the bearing right? Is a slide hammer enough or do I need to get some kind of puller?

Then presumably there is a seal that has to be replaced when you put it back in?

How easy is it to get the hub back in? I heard that it's so tight you can only get it back in with the whole knuckle off the car and use a press.

I had a wheel bearing done some years ago and the garage had to send the knuckle to a local lorry specialist beucase their press couldn't do it. The lorry place said it was a struggle even for their 20ton press and said they had "never seen the like"..... So this has made me very wary to be honest.
Not done it myself but this video might help. Timmy the Toolman only releases the backing plate when he's pushed the hub and bearing out.

Third gen 4-Runner front suspension is the same as the 90 series
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Hmm, maybe my memory is fading - it has been some years since I replaced my front dust shields. I probably did it while I had the front knuckles out.
I have a 30-ton press and got the hubs out of the bearings quite easily (relatively!).
I also replaced the shields on the '100' - that was easier than on the '90' (and the lower ball joints are a better design as well).