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Brake failure on my 1Hz 105 R


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May 8, 2021
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Hi all i am new on the block and need a bit of help
The brakes on my 105 hve ceast to function. Hard peddle no stop ABS light on dash and alarm have been an intermittent issue over the last year
This morning i disconected the RH brake pipes at the cylinder one at a time turning on the ignition and pumping the peddle
The disconected line socket did not pass fluid and the peddle stayed hard when pumped
Reconecred that line and moved to the next one and repeted c the process this one passed fluid with gusto
All tests were done with ignition on
The ABS ALARM AND LIGHTS did not stop

Any one have any ideas I live on Moreton island so getting it to an expert is a little hard.

Thanks in advance