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brake lines


New Member
Mar 14, 2010
i bought a set of goodridge hoses suppose to be for a 1996 landcruiser.rear ones fitted no problem front dont remotely fit and the ends are completely different.i phoned the guy and he said they only list 1 type (part no. sty0680-6p) in the uk. i have read somewhere that some of you guys have had some fitted im trying to find out the part no. for the kit that fits 1996 80 series land cruiser any help would be much appreciated as the guy is unwilling to refund as i have used 2 pipes.
yours colin.
Did you speak to Goodrich themselves?

I got a kit for my 70 series and the front and backs were fine but the ones from the chassis to the axles were totally wrong. They offered to exchange the incorrect ones if I sent them in. Admitted that they didn't sell a lot to LC owners and they'd made a mistake.

You could also try as I've seen them recommended before.

I have a very similar problem with the goodrich kit no STY0680-6P-CF, except that I got the front ones on but no luck with the rears or centre rear,

the 6 pipe kit I got was supposedly for a LC 04/90 - 05/96, mines a 1994

the seller I got them from (via ebay) told me to send him the old ones & he would get copies made................ but I need to use the truck & brakes do come in handy!!!