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breakage and welding in Irish sand-pit



I like the pictures on the site.
Where were ye?
Looks like a little bit of fun in the mud!
Was it a club outing or just some 'buddies'
Just to show the other EU'ers how strong us Irish-chaps are checkout
- who needs a winch -eh!
Simex+80 :)
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Subject: breakage and welding in Irish sand-pit
no, well we dont normally carry a welder but we were in a working sand
pit so they have workshop facilities there but one of the guys has a
portable mig torch that you hook up to the batteries and that would have
done either. an L200 and a Pajero that were there had no problems,
neither did any of the other landrovers and most run 35" simex's. just
unlucky that it broke when it did. or lucky maybe as someone had a spare
diff cos the disco owner didnt. it was his first time to do anything
mechanical at all and he just got stuck in and followed directions. no
big ordeal.
John Byrne wrote: