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Breather location and extention (long)



From: "John Byrne" <[Email address removed]>
... but for the life of me I cannot find the one for the gear box or the
transfere box. I have located a pipe near the refill plug on the transfere
but am unsure if this is the breather.
=> It depends if you have a M/T or an A/T:
M/T = Transfer case breather is on the top rear of the case, on the RHS.
Very hard to see it but you can feel it if you throw your hand between the
case and the body. There's no hose but just a breather cap sticking out of
the case. You have to unbolt the central beam and lower (tilt) the whole
powertrain to work on it. It is a pain to extend, because once the breather
cap is
removed, there almost nothing sticking out to get your hose onto. You can
silicone glue to make sure it is not going to pop off + keep it sealed.
A/T = The breather is already extend to the A/T dip stick, next to the
engine (visible from top engine bay).
Where is the one for the gearbox.????
=> M/T = the breather cap is right on top of the box, next to the shifter.
can (only) have access to it from the cabin, by removing the shifter boot.
A/T = extended to the dip stick, right next to the tc breather.
Where did you guys relocate the breathers to after you made them longer.????
=> In the rear, I pushed the hose up next to the fuel filler in the wheel
well. It's the highest place around. On my FJ62 I extended the rear one to
the engine bay with all the other ones, but the risk is that some vaporised
gear oil stagnate in liquide form in it (it is so long with many horizontal
sections) that it forms a plug. In the engine bay you have several
- plug them direcly to a small filter, even a fuel filter for landmower
should work.
- I personnaly gathered them all together to a small clear container (it was
a dry garlic jar exactly ;o) which served as separator between water and air
coming in and oil and air (if ever!) coming out.
- You can also plug everything to your air filter box but I didn't like that
idea as the vacuum in that box might create vacuum in the diff... Plugging
it to a snorkel might be better, though I don't know.
Did you keep the valve on the top of the breathers and put them on the new hoses.????
=> I personnaly hate Toyota breathers because they work mostly one way
(breather out?) hence they eject air when the diff. heat up but keep them
under vaccum when they cool down. So when you cross a piece of water after
some driving, the diff cool down, air retracts and the vaccum in the diff.
tends to help water enter through the seals. Go to a junk yard (salvage yard
in UK ;o) and get some M/T breathers from other manufacturer (I like Renault
;o). Make sure they work correctly bith ways by breathing in and out in them
(it's a dirty job, I know, but the only way to know what you're buying).
Sorry it was long,