British lingo?



Hi Reno
Green Lanes are public rights of way that you are allowed to drive on. They
vary from flat tracks you could drive a regular car down to the very
challenging. Pay and Play days are where you turn up, pay an entrance fee
and then play on private land. Most of these sites have various level of
course laid out ranging from non damageing to you need roll bars and crash


"Green laning" is going off-road on the (literally) green unsurfaced
roads and tracks that still exist in the UK. Only those with a legal
right of way for vehicles are driveable in this way and, broadly, that
means those which were historically used as "roads" on which no one has
got round to laying tarmac.
There are various legislative moves afoot to remove these rights - I'll
leave it to others to explain why - which leads to your second question:
"Pay and play" is a generic term for a place where the land-owner has
provided facilities for off-roaders to come and "play", but where they
have to pay for the privilege.
If the legislators have their way it will soon be the case that only the
2nd of these will provide any opportunity for taking a 4x4 off road in
this country.
Incidentally for a "dumb Yank francophone guy" you speak very colloquial
Christopher Bell
Devon, UK
1996 1HD-FT
| >It will be used as a road car as well as for green laning
| and pay & play days.
| OK, I'll play the dumb Yank francophone guy. What the heck
| is green laning? And what are pay and play day?
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