[Bulk] 6 x BFG AT KO 235/85 R16s + Rims for sale



HEBERT Lionel a ?crit :
The factory 80 series 15x7" alloys are 10mm offset to the inside so that
would make the wheel edge 78.9mm out from the hub whereas Chris' 16x6"
are more than likely 0 offset so that would make 76.2mm out so that's
3mm narrower ontop of which you add the narrower tire profile.
If one really wants to build a narrow track 80 series I have for sale a
set of 5 90 series 16x6" wheels with a 20 or 25mm offset towards the
inside :o)


Peter Browning a ?crit :
I tried to bid on them on ebay but it wouldn't let a frenchman play :-(
BIN @ 650GBP
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