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Buying a FJ45


New Member
Nov 30, 2013
G'day guys, first time caller, first time listener...

I'm in the market for a FJ45 ute, hopefully an 81+ model so I can have the comfort of power steering and aircon.

I'm finally selling my patrol, it's served me well for a few years but it definitely wasn't my first choice it just happen to be available for the right price at the right time. It needs to be sold so the mrs can drive something that's not a manual so I've picked her up a statesman for the her and the kids and she's approved me to get a run around vehicle for work.

Theres actually very little reason why I've chosen the FJ45, I believe it's one of the better of the 40 series out there but I could be wrong. I'm having trouble deciding on what model/year/engine I should be looking for.

Its essentially going to be my everyday driver but I'll be building it up to have fun off road. Nothing serious, just enough to tackle most hill/rocks/creeks.

I would really appreciate any advice and guidance from you guys to help give me a more educated purchase.

Thanks and hope to hear some good things...

Hi Shonky the FJ45 pick up is the Best with 2H get one with a turbo if you can I have one with the 2H Engines and 5 speed box in it and I love it good look :thumbup: 4L diesel.
Cheers tonytoyota, it's gonna be a bit harder to find one with a turbo with the price range I'm looking at. How difficult would it be to chuck one on there later on? Also what sort of things should I be specifically looking out for when buying one?
Just one thing; an FJ45 is a Petrol powered 45, the BJ- and HJ45 are the diesels... sometimes you can get a gem of a HJ or BJ45 if you find one listed as an FJ45, but on the whole people who are selling them know what they are selling.

I'm not sure where you're located Shonky, but when searching ebay etc looking for a diesel FJ45 isn't going to be that successful, whereas looking for a BJ45 or HJ45 will be.

Good luck, and hope that helps.
Thanks for the clarification Paddler Ed. I live in Orange NSW. I guess I should ask the obvious. Would I be able to buy a BJ or HJ for around the 5k mark? I would also like to know if I should be looking for a diesel instead. Im an apprentice heavy diesel mechanic but I'm capable on both diesel and petrol. Just looking for the more distinct benefits of both ie. reliability, part availability etc...
Diesels are always a premium over the petrol equivalent, and in hindsight I'm not sure if the 45 came as a BJ45; I know that you could get a BJ40, 41 and 42 (SWB)

Basically the B-series is a 3.4 litre-ish 4 cylinder lump, and came as a turbo (13B-T) whereas the H-series is the classic Land Cruiser 4.2 litre diesel that has been around for what seems as forever.

$5k may well get you a bit of a shed; out your way I'd be inclined to find out what farm disposal sales are going on in the near future, if they're like here (Armidale, NSW) they'll be advertised in the paper in the week beforehand, but it might be worth talking to the local auctioneers to see if they give you a nudge if they know of one in an auction. I think they'll yield a better buy than the usual suspects of Gumtree, eBay etc. Also have a look on Facebook, I know it sounds stupid, but there are a load of for sale pages that deal with 4x4's, including one for just Land Cruisers and parts of Land Cruisers.

I can't offer much on the technical side of them, as I ran an FJ73 and now a VZN130 4Runner.

Good Luck,

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Spot on Paddler, exactly what I was looking for. I've been doing some research and I'm thinking that a HJ47 will be choice of vehicle. I want the older rig, and it looks to be in the right range.

Unfortunately I don't have the time or funds to be sorting out a cruiser that's an old farm car even though I could save a few quid in the long run. Like I said before, I'll be selling my patrol shortly and I'll need a car ready and rego'd so I can't be fart assing around to get it going.

I'm thinking that gumtree and Facebook will be the way to go since car sales doesn't really have much.
Also while I'm thinking about it, what's the cruiser in the old shell style (think ruthey) that's the most desirable?
Just found a late HJ47 (1984) up in Armidale for $2k on ebay at the moment... but it's certainly not in a state to go on the road straight away!