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Can 4 Lo seize if not used


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Apr 10, 2021
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Dear All,

Sorry another doubt again. I dont remember where I read but yesterday while reading about differential oils, I read that it is recommended to use 4 Lo from time to time otherwise it will seize and not function when needed.
Is this true?
If its true, will it apply to all off road options like crawl control, turn assist, diff locks?
It doesn't hurt to once in a while to find a bit of rough ground or Grass and give every thing a work out, Pop it in low, Get all your diff locks in and have a drive about, When i go up to the Horses I do this, I dont need to be in Low box, But it keeps every thing free.... Not sure what the set up is on the 200, But it doesn't hurt to give everything a workout Raj.....
Thank you Higgy.
@Raj you are looking for some space where the wheels can skid and slide with low friction, so with the diff locks in, they don't strain.

Having said that - driving in a straight line has no implications like this ;)

Go low and straight,
and back again.
every now and again.

Haha, a poem for the occasion.
Thanks KB. Now I got another good reason to take it out and play once in a while. Finding grass patch or slippery roads is very hard but have few empty industrial roads n parking lots
Gravel car parks work just as well. As Higgy said, I tend to just run through high/low/lockers when I get a chance (or when I remember!).

Sometimes you'll find the diffs won't unlock - you can try driving in circles, or back and forth - if its really stuck, jacking up a wheel can release them.
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All good advice...... I ended up stripping centre console last year, for the Hi/Lo 'Lubricate/Push & Pull', 'Lubricate/Push & Pull' routine, (Know what ya thinking!!). All because I didn't take the time to give the low ratio and diff-locks a work out front time to time.
This is one topic I came across where everyone is of same opinion. This makes it important thing to use these systems. ‘Use or loose’ principle. Super thank you all