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Can overfilling Diff fluids damage anything

Oil coming in past the grease in the drive shaft?
KB, not sure if its from the grease. it appears to be coming out of the ring connecting to the left from diff box as marked in pic.


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That looks like gear oil Raj, and if it is tracking back from that "ring" that'll be your diff output shaft seal blown.

If it's overfilled it might stop leaking when drained to the correct level.
If it is overfilled pressure probably pushed it past a good seal so i'd just refill to the correct level adding transmission leak stop .
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automatic body undercoating
haha unknowingly, whenever I went under and found grease or oil, I smeared it at all places. :) It's just a slight drip only when I drive the car so hopefully, it's a minor and self-healing one with the correct level of oil.
Be interesting to see
Today went to that garage and told the story. They blamed on the mechanic working on that day and loosened the drain and fill plugs. They have ramps so lifted the car high and hung on it so it came out loose. one good news there, my job is done without talking much. I will change the oil myself now with the correct washers and oil types/levels.
transmission leak stop
Is this something we add to the oil? is there anything that we can spray or apply from outside to stop leaks as I am not comfortable adding anything external into the system.
Good news about the fill / drain plugs. Use new ones when you do the job, just in case the extra force has damaged the hex and might lead to easier rounding off next time
I won't pretend to know how leak stop works because i don't , but i reckon if your dropped a gold ring into a diff or gearbox its would get chewed up doing no harm like meat through a grinder , so i never worried much about how they work . Congeals around the hole maybe ? or my guess would be because gear oil contains seal conditioner anyway is that the leakstop just adds a little more of the same encouraging the seal to swell a little .
I ordered new ones.
around the hole maybe
Thank you Shayne. Will first check by adding the correct oil as the leak is minimal, then try some non-invasive method like AT205, spraying it from outside, and if that does not work, thinking of the last option of injecting liqui molly/transmission leak stop into the system. There is one more final time-saving option of just replacing these faulty seals. :)
transmission leak stop
Changed front diff oil, new fill and drain plug and washer and drove back home and checked for leak. Its leaking, its the seal thats leaking.
My old mechanic charged 20£ for changing this oil. He told he can try to open and replace new one.
I think he is better than those Landcruiser specialists and fancy garages who charged 1000s and messed up this one as there was no leak before giving to them.
Now checking on youtube how to replace the seal as he didnt do it but can do it if there is a procedure. This is Landcruiser so anyone with a hammer should be able to repair it.

Please advice is this the correct part number - 90311-47013?. I got it from Front axle housing & differential for Toyota Land Cruiser VDJ200R - Auto parts - [Leaving Land Cruiser Club]

Is it better to try AT-205 or transmission oil leak instead of trying to open all this and fit new part?.


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You're probably looking for something like 'front drive shaft removal and refitting' for the procedure. With the drive shaft out, you can change the seal. I don't know if 200 series FSM are freely available like the older models?
Seals don't last forever and all cars have them and i can easily imagine a garage charging more than £20 to top up your screenwash bottle . Seems you found one of the good guys :thumbup:

Leak stop just buys time so you can do it properly at a later date when its convenient . I put it in everything when i buy a car simply assuming seals dry out when a car has sat unused for a long time . Maybe its saved me some repairs and maybe it hasn't :confusion-shrug: but its done no harm either way .
older models
Didnt find exact FSM but found youtube videos of older Landcruiser and they look similar so will try to apply same techniques. Just wanted to make sure if the part I am looking is the correct one needed. Also, I dont feel it needs to be addressed on priority as the car is driving perfectly, even the mpg is 24 per gallon. I will take time and sort it out.

I am just confident on the car itself as its built to be fixed by hammer anywhere. Now after looking at AHC, diff oils, changing engine oil myself I feel this car is not much different from older Landcruisers as most of the work can still be done without the interference of electronics on the car.
good guys

:) This is my old mechanic. I just fell for specialists and fancy garages with all computers, thinking they would do more but I was wrong. Will try some AT-205 or stop leak. Will learn about them as well :)
There is 200 series FSM on the American site but there is some IT programming stuff involved in downloading it. I will get hold of some IT guys and try to download that.
Its Benjy's work that's haunted me for so long with all these oil leaks. He installed some new diff breathers, changed front CV boot as well with oil change. I will start troubleshooting from the diff breathers.
Check the front diff breather isn't blocked. When breathers become blocked, it will often force oil past those seals as heat expands everything.

Have you got a link to that FSM?
link to that FSM?
I found this thread. There seems to be a lot of unknown IT sites and areas so I enquired with IT friends if they can sit with me and get this one set up on my laptop. I already purchased Haynes manual and other from ebay but not much use so this time I am planning not to buy anything. :) I sent a message to owner of this thread also to check if there is any direct link.
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Only issue is that it is written to work against TIS which is North American. Rather than Toyota-Tech. So will be interesting to find out if European (diesel) manuals are available through that.