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Car alarm sensitivity


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Mar 1, 2010
I never use the alarm fitted to my 80 as it keeps going off. I have read somewhere that it may be possible to adjust the sensitivity of it. I have what seems to be a factory fitted alarm.
I can't help - sorry dude. But if you do find out what to do, I'd like to know... MUX's alarm goes off even if I leave the window down an inch... Its like a hair trigger!!!

OT, tick tick tick tick... ;-)
Rob, my control box is under the passenger seat I think. I came across it recently. Mine is the TVSS system. It's only the knock sensor I think that is adjustable. Opening a door for example is just a straight signal.


Any ideas what is triggering the alarm?

The usual problem is air pressure issues as the vehicle warms up and cools down. If you can fiind the alarm unit then you should be able to adjust it.

Usual locations are under the passenger seat, under the area around the gear stick or behind the dash by the glove box.
I cant say what is causing it to go off, but once it starts to go off then it keeps going off every 20 or 30 min even if I reset the alarm and open and close the door. My theory is insects, air pressure build up sounds possible too. Does the box say alarm on it? If not how will I know its the alarm?
Yes the box says alarm.

Also, please could you post a pic of your alarm fob - it is possible to identify the type of alarm by the fob :)
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Is there a dial I can turn on the alarm box? Any recommendations on what setting I should use or do I resort to trial and improvement?
Thats the same fob my Colorado has; MUX has a different one...
Found it, it was near the handbrake between the seats. There were a couple of boxes with TVSS written on it which I assume means Toyota Vehicle Security System. One had a rubber grommet which when removed gave access to an adjusting dial. Using a small flat screwdriver I turned it down to "minus" and lets see what happens. So far it has lasted 1 hour without going off :dance:
Well it lasted the night without going off, but now I have to keep turning it up until it starts going off again...