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CB Radio Choice.. 27MHz or PMR446


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Jul 24, 2017
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Hello Everyone,
I need some advice regarding CB Radio Choice . I have bought my lc5 to be kitted out for overlanding, with my treks to include Italy Spain and the west coast of Africa some time in the future. I would like to know what radios are commonplace within the overlanding circles . Is it 27MHz CB's or the newer PMR 446MHz UHF walkie talkies . I am hoping to go overlanding in a group as apposed to solo . What are the restrictions etc . Apologies if there is a thread already regarding this.
I have both and have used Both on trips
A CB mounted in overhead console
2x hand held PMR on 446 uhf and also a longer range hand held UHF, with adapter so it gets 12v feed from cigarette socket and also has mic/speaker on extension cable

Once started a trip using CB, but companion vehicle trashed cb antennae so reverted to UHF
With 27MHz CB you're going to get better range than the UHF due to the more line of sight behaviour of UHF frequencies and the power limitations of 500mW PMR and up to 4w (I think) with CB. There are repeaters springing up to increase the range of PMR (similar in operation to Amateur Radio repeaters) but I would imagine these will usually be sighted in more populated city areas. UHF PMR is placed just above the 70cm Amateur Radio band, the difference being in the allowed power limit of up to 40/400W with AR. If I had to choose one I'd go with CB but both CB and PMR radios are not that expensive so why not do as Andy has and get both?
I have been looking into this as well, the handheld is something I have thought about before and would fit the car kit to connect into an extension antenna like this.

When I was in Oz it was common to have a fitted set and a handheld for bugging out or when directing others through tricky areas.
Many thanks all for the reply, another question. With regards to 27MHz CB would it more useful to have a radio capable of SSB now that it has now been made legal to use, Have a cheap pair of PMR 446 walkie talkies as well as 27MHz CB sounds like a good idea. Thanks All.
I'm not into CB personally but SSB is relatively new so will probably be less wide spread. Also bare in mind Europe has slightly different channel frequencies than the UK. Having said that there are CB sets that cover everything, FM + SSB + both UK and European (CEPT) frequencies so one of these would be my choice.
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