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Chassis question

I've it booked into a mechanic and getting it checked don't want to take any risk il tell them to check that oil strainer when it's on a lift thanks for that info.

Changed that cabin filter was a easy job for me. Not sure why the last man never done it was bogged up.

Sprayed the inside of the doors with lanogurad there.


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Hi mate, Did you use a genuine timing belt/tensioner/idler ?
I haven't fitted one yet got one here but it's just a generic one, can get the one from toyota dealer I was just going to check the idler and tensioner might be worth swapping now?
Hi mate, Did you use a genuine timing belt/tensioner/idler ?
Thats all the stuff I got today all the filters are that same brand.

Hopefully it's not junk or il swap it


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All good makes I think. Personally I'd definitely change the tensioner with the timing belt. (Roughtrax do a genuine kit, not sure how much compared to your existing belt)

Your transfer box probably requires 75w90 (check your manual). Roughtrax sell Fuchs 75w90 and say its fine for everything - transfer boxes and both diffs. Thats what I put in everything and it's still going :)

(That is assuming you dont have an LSD or a locking rear diff)
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Although I prefer genuine Toyota belts, filters etc, I have in the past used Gates belts and Blueprint parts.
As Karl says Roughtrax do a boxed kit - timing belt, idler and tensioner.
Got all the work sorted there.
Bar the back mud flap and the right side step bracket.

On the chassis we cleaned it sprayed a black wasoyl product on the exposed chassis and done the engine bay inside doors and a few other places with the lanoguard.

Had a good service all the oils filters changed and the belt done.
Two new budget tyres.

Going to drive it now for awhile an get some more work done in a week or two.

I'm getting a blue tooth transmitter to get some music on the go. Will stick a new stereo system in later on.

Looking for a good roof rack and awning and to do a few other mods in the coming months.


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Great, coming along nicely!

What's the thinking behind budget tyres?
Put two new cheap tyres on to tide me overtill I pick a tyre type that suits what I'm going to be doing, mostly il be driving on the roads and lanes in Ireland /UK a odd bit of off road.

The ones that came with it were worn down below the limit. The spare and driver side we're gone, the back two were plenty off life in them and the selection of tyres in stock was poor so couldn't get a tyre to suit quickly.

Only spent £79 on each tyre and needed two so not to bad.

Il stick with these for awhile and then swap for a branded tyre.
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I seen these holes from above the front wheel arch In the engine bay there's a bigger one on the other side. I might be missing a bit or will I just cover the holes up with a bung? They look down right over the tyre.


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I have them on my cruisers, I think they are for screwing/bolting other parts, depending on what model of the series it is.
They are different sizes, just make sure the big one you have, is not a small one rusted out.
I have put bungs in where I can, to stop water/s**t entering engine room and rusting.
Another bit done the right side step bracket on and some of the lano grease painted on the bolt heads and the bracket.

I put in new bolts and cut them down short hopefully that will help the next man on down the road.

So the side steps now nice and stiff again.

Just a few more bits to sort around the back mud guard and a few clips on the body work I got clips here hopefully they are right.


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