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Chassis Rust Removal -- Recommended Tools for Awkward Areas?

IMHO, and based on my own experience, 3-4 days is nowhere long enough for a thorough job start to finish to do everything bottom side, even without problems. A good detergent pressure wash/rinse/blow dry to get any loose shite/grease off will eat into your time.
Weather will be a big enemy too. When I did mine it was blistering, so able to put in full succesive days.
Remember that when your successive and final coats of whatever go on, anything missed and painted over will be a waste of time and money.
Thats not to say that it can be absolutely100% guaranteed anyway, but I'm sure you get my drift. Good luck with it !!
Fair enough-appreciate your advice. In which case I might wait till my summer holidays (I work as a school Teacher) when the weather is likely to be better and I’ve got more time.
I can’t locate any ‘high rise’ plastic ramps anywhere. Any recommendations fellas?
I acquired a 7x2" wood beam years ago and cut it into foot lengths , these could obviously be stacked to any height and have proved time and again to be far more valuable than any of my car ramps , jacks and jack stands .

Then I went away to work and the mrs had a white van man come take the rubbish from the garden :doh:

Reminds me of the other invaluable tool nobody buys , plastic beer bottle crates , years ago a man just happened to walk past in the back lane and asked her if he could take them . And guess what :doh:
I can’t locate any ‘high rise’ plastic ramps anywhere. Any recommendations fellas?

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8 inches don't seem much but it will let you get your head under a truck that has no axles so when you drive up on them .............
Still at the planning/prep stage before I tackle mine…..So far I’ve got a die grinder with a variety of wire wheels and flap wheel attachments, and wire brushes. I’m erring towards using Jenolite after using the brushes/flap wheel and finishing up with Lanoguard. Its all adding up!
I’ve got a pressure washer to begin the initial cleaning-is it worth adding a degreaser/detergent to it?
I would say yes, then rinse it and dry thoroughly. I did it that way, and no probs.
If there are any traces of oil/grease, whatever you use to coat the rust won't take properly, most of them I've come across state this anyway as well as bring dry with no loose rust.
Don't forget, any water held in nooks and crannies and inside the rails need to be dry.
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Pressure washer is great for getting all the crud out, if you can find one that suits your washer an L shaped lance is a handy attachment, able to blast out the wheel arches properly and insert the angle directly into the chassis itself and blow out all the crud which ends up trapped inside.
I recently scrubbed every inch of a 10x5m catamaran 3times with degreaser and little dish washing scouring sponges . Then i got my hands on some bilge cleaner so did it again which made a hell of a difference .

Bilge cleaner is degreaser on steriods.
G101 is an excellent degreaser, made by safety clean, but can be bought online easily. Mix with water, cant remember the ratio, and spray on either with a pressure washer or with a hand sprayer, leave for a bit then agitate and rinse off. You'll be amazed how clean your engine bay comes up!
I’ve got one of those drain clearing hoses that attatches to a pressure washer, poke that into the chassis and it pulls itself through using the high pressure water jets.
the amount of crud that comes out is amazing
something like….

ebay 165562524105

Got one of these a while back and every time i use it I'm impressed again , pump it 30 times and it lasts over half hour using about 2.5l . I've used it for soap , bleach . acid , varnish (water based) and its still as good as new .