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chat (and more useless chat)



Jon in Bosnia
Well, you know how it is - I'm tired of being worried all the the time
about one thing or another (cruiser related), so I thought, well, it
being Xmas and all that, I thought I would inject a little twisted
humour into my life - not quite gunho but getting there.
Collective cruiser mind - now that's an interesting concept....
There was a good programme last night on channel 4 about cosmology - I
always find these kinds of programmes very interesting, so am thinking,
since they were on about multiverses (a phrase coined by me but then
better used by the astronomer royal, Michael Rees), maybe a collective
cruiser mind could be an actual cosmo thing, all I need to do now is
assimiliate this cruiser (borg) collective consciousness...
>>> [Email address removed] 12/19/04 06:45am >>>
Renate wrote...
Well, on wet days da must be anter-tainment mustn't there? especially
on this time of year.
Renate my dear, I do believe you are coming round to our collective
of humour, well done.
'92 HZJ80 ex UN surplus in Bosnia