(Chat) Filters and things, and advice sought



Hi Renate,
Are you getting genuine toy filters from the reputable off-road shop or
something else. If you cut reputable pattern part filters apart you will
find (well I have yet to see otherwise) a 2 micron pleated paper bypass
stage which will rapidly blind with soot, then you just have a smallish
full flow filter on the engine, the toy filter has a stacked disc media
bypass stage. It looks a bit like layers of good quality cartrdge paper
2mm thick stacked up into a pile 20mm or so tall and compressed heavily
together, to get through the media the the oil must ooze it's way
through a large volume of filter media, this gives it much greater soot
capacity before blinding. They also arrange the paper pleats in the full
flow stage in a strange way to increase the surface area. If you cut one
open and have a look you will see the diffrence is very obvious when
compared to aftermarket filters. The other filters on my truck I use
fram filters but not the oil filter that will only ever be OEM. At
10,000km my oil analysis only showd 0.2% soot (less than 2% is normal)
so the filter is doing it's job and the engine is running pretty clean.
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I would agree with Craig.
The two things I don't skimp on are the oil filters and brake pads.
Craig has already outlined the issues with the oil filters, with the
brake pads I find that the Milner ones don't last as long, are more
prone to fade and also generate more black soot than the Toyota ones.
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Hi Renate,
I don't like this bit 'I usually get toyo genuine or equivalent filters'
next time you do an oil change keep the old oil filter and cut it open
and look at what is inside. Then compare to a genuine toyota one you
will be able to see the difference it is really obvious. I don't bother
with OEM except for the oil filter as I have never heard of any
aftermarket oil filters that don't use 2 micron pleated paper for the
bypass stage instead of a 'depth' type media. The full flow stage within
the OEM filter is also arranged in a unique manner to increase available
surface area.
In NZ there used to be available a brand of filters called 'OEM' it
being a sort of play on acronyms they were very poor quality they shed
so much lint on their fuel filters they were damaging injection pumps,
their oil filters paper would collapse and block oil gallery's. So if
you ever see that brand avoid it like the plague.
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