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[chat] - VOSA; 'Q' plates



ELCO group:
Are not imports, they are "made up" beasts - hybrids of 2 or 3
different types - they are usually given this registration if they have
had considerable rebuild and need re-registering.
The military used to use 'Q' plates, but they are now also used by
those who build a car from scratch say. The 'Q' is a very special beast
and has to be approved by VOSA; VOSA have strigent MOTs as these are for
brand new registers, mostly complete builds have to be given 'Q' status,
as do kit cars, bikes etc.
If you want more information check
Q reg? Isn't that reserved for special builds? Maybe they are just
assuming that Q (=1997) comes after P (1996); but it's more likely some
sort of personal import.
If it's genuine it sounds very good value, but I would definitely do
some background checking. Pity about the colour though.
Christopher Bell
Devon, UK
1996 1HD-FT
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