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Cheapo 4X4 Insurance



Mike said...
someone in the group has an imported vehicle. I am batteling to find
a third party fire and theft for the cruisers. Can anyone help with experience?
Mike, I insure my Jap Import Pajero with Tesco. I have declared the
requisite Jap 'A' bar for the compulsory huge dinnerplate spotlights. They
did not worry about that. Have no other additions except the sparkling
drug dealer chrome wheels and matching running boards.
Best price and no hassle over origin. But I have no claims history and one
speeding ticket in my life, may have made a difference !
'92 HZJ80 ex UN surplus in Bosnia - and mint condition '88 SWB 2.5td
Pajero in UK.
Thanks, Jon
I ll try them tomorrow. I tell you it is sometimes not easy being a "bloody
foreigner" with no claims bonusses of 11 years ( from abroad) and not having
been resident for eternity. But I found the Churchill group (3rd party,f,theft)
at 257 ? sofar. Does that sound about right?
Morning Guys
For once I might be doing ok inrelation to costs insurance here, I can get
insurance for about 650 euro for comp. I still feeel this is a real rip off
because im driving a long time not saying how long . Also you guys have some
place there that not only does a step back no claims bonus but keeps the
bonus safe for life. Now thats what I call a good deal something to do with
a dog called lucky in the advert I think.
John C
92HDJ 80 1HDT ireland