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Hi Guys
A few jobs that needed to be done were attempted tonight by a mechanic on my
He fitted the new Milner brake discs ok.
That was the only bit of OK.
He had a look at my hand brake bits and bobs and diccovered that the shoes
are down to paper thin both sides.
That would explain why it could not be adjusted at all.
Now I have to ask is there any other way for these shoes to wear out or
degrade over time other than the obvious of some prat driving while the hand
brake was on.
Surly one would notice if the handbrake was on while driving it, would they
The other thing was the rear caliper was seized again on the same
side as before. He said that I need to get a new caliper because of it
seizing all the time.
I was told that it could be warped or seized to a degree that he can not fit
I got a seal kit for it and thought that would be that, all fixed.
I also thought that there was only two pistons in the caliper and once you
got new rubber kit it would be OK and all would work.
Do you guys think its possible im being looked at as a sure thing for more
work on the cruiser.
Also the steering box is leaking like a good thing and I was told that I
would need a special guy to fit a seal kit to it not a normal machanic and
if I could get another box it would be easier to fix.
As usual waiting for any insight.
john 92HDJ 80 1HDT
The rear calipers seizing is a common problem due to the amount of crap
flying back there, but I cannot quite see that it would require the
calipers to be replaced.
Is it the actual pistons that are seizing or the caliper?
The rear calipers only have one piston per side and it is pretty easy
to pop them out and then replace the seals. If the pistons are
severely coroded as well as the caliper than you may need to replace it
otherwise if it is just the piston it can easlily be replaced for not
much money.
One of the areas that does seize on the rear brakes is the two locating
pins that hold the caliper onto the mounting plate. These have a habit
of siezing causing the inner pad to wear quicker than the outer one.
All you have to do is to take them out, remove the rubber inserts from
the caliper and with the appropriate sized drill, clean out all the
crap from the holes in the caliper and the mounting plate.
Your seal kit (assuming it is a Toyota one) should have replacements
for these rubbers. Before refitting them liberally coat the outide of
them with coppereaze this will hopefully reduce the rust and other
corrosion and also make them easier to fit.
Refit the rubbers and then check the two locating pins - if they are at
all bent, get them replaced. If OK, clean them off with a bit of
sandpaper and then also liberally apply coppereaze to them before re-
As for the steering box I would have thought a competent mechanic
should be able to do it, but if they are nervous of the hydraulics side
of things you might want to try ringing round either your local
agricultural engineers or auto gearbox specialists - personally I would
recommend the former.
Julian Voelcker
Mobile: 07971 540362
Skype: julianvoelcker
Cirencester, United Kingdom
1994 HDJ80, 2.5" OME Lift
Hey Julian
Thanks as always for your help and advice.
It seems that a kit for the steering is difficult to get and if I get one I
cant find a guy to strip the box down and install the kit.
If this was posssible it would be like.
Cost of kit + labour to take out and strip and rebuild and replace.
How long would all that take, do you think.
The other option is to get it reconditioned in the UK which means it will be
off the road for four days but just need a guy then to take it out and then
replace it.
I have found a place again in the Uk who will sell me reconditioned calipers
at ?60 delivered and then I just send back mine to them.
I have also found a guy who had calipers last week maybe still has for ?25
each used of course, but dont know the state of them especially with all the
salt on your roads over there, maybe this is not a good idea. What do you
Would you believe I still have that rattle at the rear brake every time I go
over a bump and this is now the third time to get it looked at, and now I
have a grinding sound from the same rear brake and thats after getting the
new discs on.
Geese it seems to be getting worse instead of better.
Im nearly inclined to get the second hand calipers and if they work fine and
if they dont, get a kit but I wonder if I could fix the second hand caliper
myself idfit did not work as I am mad at this stage , no matter what I or
who I get to do it, its not resolved at all YET and would like to know how
things work at the calipers. The guy I got has worked on the cruiser as he
is a Toyota mechanic that I borrowed for half the cost of putting it in to
Toyota itself. The only problem is he likes to work at his place on his own
so i dont get to watch and learn and that bugs me cause im still none the
wiser about how things look and work or dont work.
john 92HDJ 80 1HDT